Заметки о выпуске для Zabbix 6.2.1rc1

Команда Zabbix рада сообщить о доступности Zabbix 6.2.1rc1.

Zabbix - открытое решение распределенного мониторинга корпоративного класса. Zabbix выпускается под лицензией GPL, таким образом, продукт бесплатный как для коммерческого, так и некоммерческого использования. Полный текст лицензии доступен на http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.txt.

Этот документ содержит заметки о выпуске для Zabbix 6.2.1rc1. Загрузите его со страницы скачать.

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Новые возможности и улучшения

ZBXNEXT-2878 Added new vmware.*.property items
ZBXNEXT-7814 Updated max supported MariaDB version to 10.8
ZBXNEXT-5229 Added support for VMware tags for hv, vm, ds, cl and dc
ZBXNEXT-2043 Added new VMware keys *.alarms.get
ZBXNEXT-7633 Added HPE Synergy template
ZBXNEXT-7802 Added namespaces in templates HashiCorp Consul by HTTP
ZBXNEXT-6300 Added checksum failure triggers to PostgreSQL by Zabbix agent 2 template

Исправления ошибок

ZBX-7706 Improved performance of graph.get and graphprototype.get methods
ZBX-21291 Fixed aggregation by sum for the graph widget; fixed approximation function for aggregate values
ZBX-21290 Fixed displaying extra reporting periods in SLA reports when filtered by date
ZBX-21294 Fixed macros not being updated in JavaScript preprocessing step
ZBX-21310 Fixed SSL_shutdown() error in zabbix_server.log when receiving active check heartbeat
ZBX-21269 Fixed missing custom time period icon in graph widgets when editing dashboards
ZBX-21110 Fixed time string parsing in graphs with items without data
ZBX-19731 Fixed problems page and problems widget table layout issues when long names are used
ZBX-21314 Fixed locale for Digital clock widget
ZBX-20523 Fixed symlink names expansion in vfs.dir.get and vfs.file.get
ZBX-20448 Improved error message when failed to accept incoming connection
ZBX-20860 Fixed Zabbix agent 2 build on mipsle and mipsle64 Linux
ZBX-21218 Fixed deadlocks between server and frontend when discovering items with LLD
ZBX-21021 Fixed services actions not executing scripts
ZBX-20586 Free TLS C resources when closing TLS connection on agent 2
ZBX-21301 Fixed ambiguity and inability to set character set for MariaDB connection by setting utf8mb3 character instead of utf8
ZBX-17450 Added check for minimal amount of data with forecast/timeleft functions and polynomial fit
ZBX-19001 Fixed wmi.getall[] and wmi.get[] to report invalid queries
ZBX-21282 Fixed graph widget missing data option
ZBX-20908 Fixed interface type labels in host edit form
ZBX-21157 Fixed warning message overlaying error message when cloning a host
ZBX-20667 Fixed timeout issue for agent 2 checks in test run mode
ZBX-20467 Fixed z-select options with long labels
ZBX-21159 Improved logging in the case of permission errors during HA startup
ZBX-20962 Improved error message when trying to use foreach function with single item query
ZBX-20880 Changed HA cluster node discovery to return empty array in standalone mode
ZBX-20203 Fixed agent 2 log* item large file support on windows
ZBX-21044 Fixed JavaScript preprocessing output conversion to utf-8
ZBX-21125 Fixed incorrect filter results with empty multiselect fields in Monitoring Problems
ZBX-18957 Fixed not displaying years on X axis of classic graphs
ZBX-21061 Fixed incorrect error message position on Authentication page
ZBX-20978 Fixed trigger popover layout error in high-contrast themes
ZBX-20682 Fixed unexpected tab being opened in item configuration after saving the host in popup
ZBX-20849 Fixed hotkeys occasionally not working in popups
ZBX-20974 Updated CFormList to CFormGrid in Administration->Authentication
ZBX-20669 Fixed focus on fields when clicking on labels
ZBX-20854 Fixed missing headers in Columns field in Top hosts widget configuration form
ZBX-21172 Fixed host group names and added IPv6 support in Templates Kubernetes by HTTP
ZBX-20965 Fixed positioning of change indicator in Item value widget
ZBX-21040 Fixed widget configuration form flickering when switching widget types
ZBX-20887 Added missing documentation link in Dashboard sharing popup form
ZBX-20743 Fixed error handling in compression with Apache licensed TimescaleDB 2.x
ZBX-20629 Fixed auto refreshing for graphs on Monitoring -> Hosts page
ZBX-19955 Fixed script item in Cloudflare template
ZBX-18534 Fixed name autocomplete when select element has been selected in map navigation tree
ZBX-20781 Fixed overlapping of subfilter options
ZBX-10615 Fixed missing translations context for strings used as headers in small tables
ZBX-19205 Fixed item preprocessing in PostgreSQL by Zabbix agent 2 template
ZBX-20473 Fixed evaluation period macro in disk space triggers for NetApp FAS3220 template
ZBX-21199 Fixed space utilization items in HPE MSA 2040 and 2060 templates
ZBX-18035 Updated README.md for Slack and Mattermost media types
ZBX-20960 Fixed SVG graph widget throwing error when attempting to plot item with valid user macro defined in history storage period
ZBX-21143 Changed API URL in Express.ms media type to a new version
ZBX-21163 Fixed "Host inventory overview" page behavior when selected host group was removed
ZBX-20584 Fixed possibility to open graph in a full screen from graph widget
ZBX-20233 Fixed handling of empty configuration parameters $ZBX_SERVER and $ZBX_SERVER_PORT the same as if they were not defined
ZBX-20029 Fixed deprecated keys in IIS by Zabbix agent templates
ZBX-20888 Improved out of memory error message readability
ZBX-21020 Improved "ServerActive" configuration option description
ZBX-20855 Fixed preprocessing not to discard event log specific data
ZBX-20638 Fixed handling of DB version higher than supported
ZBX-21015 Fixed web scenario tags disappearing from Monitoring -> Hosts -> Web scenario on page auto refresh
ZBX-20847 Fixed inability to attach any host groups after removing already attached ones
ZBX-20534 Fixed popup layout for importing when horizontal scroll was not visible
ZBX-20496 Fixed delete missing import option for templated dashboards
ZBX-20591 Fixed draggable block position in preprocessing
ZBX-21086 Fixed regexp matching not to check for UTF-8 validity
ZBX-21350 Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerability in backurl parameter

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