Заметки о выпуске для Zabbix 2.0.5rc1

Команда Zabbix рада сообщить о доступности Zabbix 2.0.5rc1.

Zabbix - открытое решение распределенного мониторинга корпоративного класса. Zabbix выпускается под лицензией GPL, таким образом, продукт бесплатный как для коммерческого, так и некоммерческого использования. Полный текст лицензии доступен на http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.txt.

Этот документ содержит заметки о выпуске для Zabbix 2.0.5rc1. Загрузите его со страницы скачать.

Следующие разделы описывают выпуск в деталях и предоставляют самую последнюю и другую информацию, которая дополняет основную документацию продукта.

Новые возможности и улучшения

ZBXNEXT-1600 Increased maximum values of *CacheSize parameters up to 2GB
ZBX-5957 Added configure options to specify iconv include/lib directories
ZBX-1357 Added Bulgarian translation
ZBX-6040 Added support of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 for system.uname check
ZBX-1357 Updated American English, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
ZBX-5920 Added prefetching of 2 MB of data for Oracle SQL selects

Исправления ошибок

ZBX-6349 Fixed calendar popup in graphs, events and screens date/time filter
ZBX-6217 Fixed inability to use HTML special characters in web scenario password
ZBX-5358 Fixed encoding of network interface names with non ASCII characters on Vista/Server 2008 +
ZBX-6216 Fixed crash when zabbix_sender was used in realtime mode on windows
ZBX-6124 Fixed hostgroup.massupdate validation on removing group from host with only one group
ZBX-6197 Updated DB2 image importer script to work with larger (>16KB) images
ZBX-6211 Fixed errors in Monitoring->Discovery and added check for Discovery existing
ZBX-6069 Fixed axis in the default "Zabbix Server performance" graph template
ZBX-6195 Fixed navigation bar displaying when host remembering in switched off and user watch graph prototypes
ZBX-6140 Fixed job creation for script execution on windows 2000
ZBX-5933 Fixed triggers with negative values in graphs
ZBX-5532 Added support of 1.8 IT services time format
ZBX-5945 Fixed map URL expanding
ZBX-5968 Fixed updating of triggers and graphs when low-level discovered value changes
ZBX-6180 Fixed host edit page for IBM DB2
ZBX-5863 Changed external command execution to store output in a dynamically allocated buffer up to 512KB
ZBX-6177 Fixed testing of a trigger expression with an item prototype
ZBX-6175 Fixed password field naming in item properties
ZBX-6005 Fixed event.get not returning network discovery or auto-registration events for admin users when passing only the "source" parameter
ZBX-6173 Removed unknown trigger color from the trigger overview help pop up
ZBX-6161 Fixed reading empty files with vfs.file.contents key
ZBX-5458 Fixed some date strings being not translatable
ZBX-6114 Fixed errors in graphs (invalid arguments and division by zero)
ZBX-6057 Fixed using of ServerActive option by zabbix_sender
ZBX-6142 Fixed "Current host" removing in Configuration -> Actions -> Operations
ZBX-6131 Fixed undefined indexes in maintenance periods
ZBX-6133 Fixed undefined indexes when importing hosts with "Update existing" disabled
ZBX-6122 Fixed error when trying to create an IT service and submitting an incorrectly filled form
ZBX-6101 Fixed processing of SNMP traps in maintenance "with data collection"; thanks to Volker Fröhlich for patch
ZBX-6012 Added support of user macros and global regular expressions in SNMP trap item key parameter
ZBX-5973 Improved performance of SNMP dynamic index item cache building in poller processes
ZBX-3534 Fixed templated linking using read-only template
ZBX-6110 Fixed selected map remembering in Monitoring -> Maps
ZBX-6117 Fixed item value macros resolving using non-converted to null values
ZBX-6113 Fixed hidden input field appearing when assigning hosts to groups in IE
ZBX-6063 Fixed graph selection pop up working incorrectly when adding a graph to a templated screen
ZBX-6014 Improved performance in most IT services pages and pages that retrieve trigger information
ZBX-6070 Fixed event CSV export ignoring the selected page and filters
ZBX-6006 Optimized web interface API calls, which requested redundant data
ZBX-5806 Fixed template.massadd and template.massremove returning an empty hostids array
ZBX-5201 Added handling of PerfCounter error PDH_CALC_NEGATIVE_DENOMINATOR
ZBX-6054 Fixed host write permissions being required to view screens
ZBX-6027 Fixed global notification messages not working in fullscreen frontend mode
ZBX-6037 Fixed duplicate frontend messages and changed frontend messages to show last event for 15 triggers instead of last 15 events
ZBX-5900 Fixed date validation in services and maintenances, fixed JS calendar and fixed maintenance period validation
ZBX-5835 Fixed possible "Undefined index" in Configuration -> Actions screen
ZBX-6097 Fixed the ability to override LDAP configuration when calling user.login
ZBX-5986 Fixed page filter to not use remembered group if selected host is not in that group
ZBX-6013 Fixed table layout in Monitoring -> IT services for IE10
ZBX-5977 Removed possibility to add an LLD rule to an application via the API in application and discovery rule
ZBX-5938 Removed orphaned trigger from default data set
ZBXNEXT-894 Fixed generate_events comment to say that events are generated after maintenance if trigger changed its state during the maintenance at all
ZBX-5988 Fixed memory leak in functions evaluate_LOGEVENTID(), evaluate_STR(), DBlld_process_discovery_rule(); thanks to Takanori Suzuki for patch
ZBX-5940 Fixed displaying default key parameters when agent is used with option -p
ZBX-5981 Fixed incorrect use of function assert() if build option -DNDEBUG was used, it caused random crashes
ZBX-3379 Added SourceIP support for SNMP items
ZBX-6002 Optimized fetching latest service alarms in Service API
ZBX-5986 Fixed page filter in Monitoring -> Graphs
ZBX-6004 Optimised Monitoring -> Screens page
ZBX-6003 Optimised Monitoring -> Maps page
ZBX-5862 Fixed SQL condition algorithm
ZBX-4789 Improved performance of permissions check
ZBX-5979 Fixed Monitoring -> Events page not to show events from triggers that reference at least one disabled or unsuported item
ZBX-5985 Fixed DB error in "Configuration of web monitoring" for PostgreSQL
ZBX-5699 Fixed configuration graph host ID passing in navigation
ZBX-1946 Improved error messages when validating screen item row and column spans
ZBX-3402 Disabled "store value" overriding for host items inherited from templates
ZBX-3402 Fixed the "formula" input not being displayed when editing templated items with a disabled multiplier
ZBX-3071 Fixed reading and writing of Oracle NCLOB fields
ZBX-5704 Fixed validation on file uploading
ZBX-5737 Fixed image saving using Oracle
ZBX-5809 Fixed global URL displaying in map screen item
ZBX-5837 Fixed filtering by proxy status in HostGroup API get method
ZBX-5899 Implemented flicker-free graph support for web monitoring
ZBX-5919 Removed OCI_COMMIT_ON_SUCCESS option for SQL statements in transaction on Oracle backend
ZBX-5869 Fixed host ID detection in graph configuration
ZBX-3754 Fixed "Undefined variable" in the trigger expression constructor
ZBX-3038 Fixed the trigger expression constructor to parse expressions created in log wizard
ZBX-2793 Added possibility to add macros without an item in the trigger expression
ZBX-5896 Fixed inserting OR condition in the trigger expression constructor
ZBX-5833 Fixed inserting a macro in the trigger expression constructor
ZBX-5884 Improved the trigger expression constructor to work with parentheses

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