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> User object

The following objects are directly related to the user API.


The user object has the following properties.

Property Type Description
userid string (readonly) ID of the user.
string User alias.
attempt_clock timestamp (readonly) Time of the last unsuccessful login attempt.
attempt_failed integer (readonly) Recent failed login attempt count.
attempt_ip string (readonly) IP address from where the last unsuccessful login attempt came from.
autologin integer Whether to enable auto-login.

Possible values:
0 - (default) auto-login disabled;
1 - auto-login enabled.
autologout integer User session life time in seconds. If set to 0, the session will never expire.

Default: 900.
lang string Language code of the user's language.

Default: en_GB.
name string Name of the user.
refresh integer Automatic refresh period in seconds.

Default: 30.
rows_per_page integer Amount of object rows to show per page.

Default: 50.
surname string Surname of the user.
theme string User's theme.

Possible values:
default - (default) system default;
classic - Classic;
originalblue - Original blue;
darkblue - Black & Blue;
darkorange - Dark orange.
type integer Type of the user.

Possible values:
1 - (default) Zabbix user;
2 - Zabbix admin;
3 - Zabbix super admin.
url string URL of the page to redirect the user to after logging in.