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10 Upgrade notes for 2.2.2

Syslog application name change

If Zabbix is logging to syslog then after an upgrade to Zabbix 2.2.2 you will see changes in the application names appearing in syslog:

   Zabbix agent  → zabbix_agent
          Zabbix Agent  → zabbix_agentd
          Zabbix proxy  → zabbix_proxy
          Zabbix server → zabbix_server
          Zabbix get    → zabbix_get
          Zabbix Sender → zabbix_sender

The old, incorrect names (on the left) contained a space which is not allowed by RFC 5424 for APP-NAME. If you are using regular expressions in monitoring of syslog you may want to adjust them for the new application names.

Template changes

Corrected typo in discovery rule description on template Template SNMP Disks.

In order to fix it, import the template from