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13 What's new in Zabbix 2.2.8

13.1 Frontend improvements

  • History related macros - {ITEM.VALUE}, {ITEM.LASTVALUE} and the {host:key.last()} functional macro - now obey the ZBX_HISTORY_PERIOD constant. This limits the amount of data the macro has to sift through and results in better performance.

13.1.1 Updated translations

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Russian

13.2 Daemon improvements

  • History cache has been optimized to better handle a situation when it's being flooded with hundreds of thousands of values from less than a thousand items.
  • SNMP polling logic has been improved to always retry at least once. This should make Zabbix more resilient to network errors.
  • SNMP values of type OID are now supported.
  • SNMP validation error messages from Zabbix 2.2.7 have been improved by including the sent and received OIDs:

    SNMP response from host "gateway" contains variable bindings that do not match the request: sent ".", received "."For bulk requests, these are logged at DebugLevel=3. For single-variable requests, these are logged at DebugLevel=4.
  • If an IPMI device reports a threshold sensor and a discrete sensor under the same name, the threshold sensor is now preferred. This might fix strange readings (like "1" for fan RPM) or "not supported" errors.
  • Message logging on IBM DB2 errors has been improved. Now additional information is printed to the log file - database name on connection errors and SQL query on failed queries.