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12 Upgrade notes for 2.2.4

Latest data from 24 hours only

Only values that fall within the last 24 hours are now displayed in MonitoringLatest data, MonitoringOverview and the Data overview screen element by default.

This limit has been introduced with the aim of improving initial loading times for large pages of latest data. It is also possible to change this limitation by changing the value of ZBX_HISTORY_PERIOD constant in include/

Note also that the {ITEM.LASTVALUE} macro may resolve to UNKNOWN if the last value of item is older than the default 24 hour limit.

Fixed Template App Zabbix Proxy template

Item Values processed by Zabbix proxy has been renamed to Values processed by Zabbix proxy per second to match server template.

Graph Zabbix proxy performance had the same y axis side for all items. The queue item has been changed from left to right to match server template and separate unrelated items. In order to fix it, import this template from

Changes in Memory usage graphs

All operating system template Memory usage graphs now have their Y axis minimum value set to 0 and Y axis maximum value to the maximum amount of memory detected on the system. To update your existing template(s), import the appropriate OS template(s) from the 2.2.4 section of the Official Templates page.

Daemon changes

Disabled hosts, items and triggers are stored in configuration cache now. Adjusting CacheSize configuration parameter might be needed due to increased memory usage.

Information about hosts going in and out of maintenance is no longer logged at DebugLevel=3. Instead, it is now logged at DebugLevel=4.

Calculation of active triggers

Previously, the Status of Zabbix dashboard widget in the frontend counted enabled triggers with at least one enabled item on an enabled host. Now, it counts enabled triggers with all items enabled on enabled hosts.

The zabbix[triggers] internal item has undergone the same change.