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14 What's new in Zabbix 2.2.9

14.1 VMware monitoring improvements

VMware performance counter based statistics retrieval was separated from VMware data retrieval:

  • VMware collector now sends fewer requests to VMware servers, greatly improving performance of configuration data and performance collector based statistics gathering.
  • VMware performance collector based statistics retrieval is much faster and can be done more frequently than VMware configuration data retrieval. To avoid it being delayed by VMware configuration data retrieval it is recommended to enable more VMware collectors than monitored services in your Zabbix server/proxy configuration.
  • vmware.vm.perfcounter and vmware.hv.perfcounter items were added to allow custom hypervisor and virtual machine performance counter monitoring.

A configurable timeout was added to VMware data requests. See VMwareTimeout option in server and proxy configuration documentation.

VMware data requests were optimized to reduce the amount of transferred data by half.

14.2 Frontend improvements

14.2.1 Updated translations

  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Slovak

14.3 Daemon improvements

  • When monitoring Windows eventlog Zabbix agent will no longer set an item state to NOTSUPPORTED in case of error when formatting the message. Instead, an unformatted message will be used.
  • Item proc_info on Windows was improved to get more information about the processes.

14.4 Miscellaneous improvements

14.4.1 Validation of global regular expressions in LLD rules

A check for valid reference has been added for global regular expressions in LLD rules. If entered reference is not valid, due to misspelling or missing referenced global regular expression, the respective LLD rule will become unsupported and appropriate error message will be displayed.