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11 What's new in Zabbix 2.2.6

11.1 Frontend improvements

  • When full cloning hosts or templates, web scenarios are cloned as well.
  • Maintenance periods without host group and hosts are available to all admin level users.

11.1.1 Updated translations

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Chinese (Taiwan)
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Slovak
  • Spanish

11.2 Template changes

  • Template JMX Generic: typo in item name "mpTenured" has been fixed to be "mp Tenured". If re-importing the template, this change requires no manual updates.

11.3 Daemon improvements

  • The items discovered by VMware virtual machine disk and network discovery will now have descriptions rather than instance ids in their names.
  • Zabbix server can now discover an unlimited number of VMware hypervisors. Previously there was a limit of 100 hypervisors that Zabbix server could discover.
  • Java gateway now uses Android JSON library instead of library. When upgrading, apart from the gateway itself, it is necessary to replace the JSON library file and update script. See Java gateway file overview for details.

11.4 Miscellaneous improvements

Trigger events deleted by Housekeeper

Previously, when a trigger was deleted (or its expression was changed so that a host trigger became a template trigger), all events generated by the trigger would be deleted from Zabbix frontend and by Zabbix server. This operation could take a long time. Now trigger events are deleted more efficiently by the Housekeeper process, in the background.

11.5 API improvements

  • Performance of last value retrieval by the item.get method has been improved to use values from 24 hours only (by default).