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4 Graphs


The custom graph list for a template can be accessed from Configuration → Templates and then clicking on Graphs for the respective template.

The custom graph list for a host can be accessed from Configuration → Hosts and then clicking on Graphs for the respective host.

A list of existing graphs is displayed.

Displayed data:

Column Description
Name Name of the custom graph, mostly displayed as a blue link except for graphs created from graph prototypes.
Clicking on the graph name link opens the graph configuration form.
If the host graph belongs to a template, the template name is displayed before the graph name, as a grey link. Clicking on the template link will open the graph list on the template level.
If the graph has been created from a graph prototype, its name is preceded by the low level discovery rule name, in khaki. Clicking on the discovery rule name will open the graph prototype list.
Width Graph width is displayed.
Height Graph height is displayed.
Graph type Graph type is displayed - Normal, Stacked, Pie or Exploded.

To configure a new graph, click on the Create graph button in the top right-hand corner.

Mass editing options

A dropdown below the list offers some mass-editing options:

  • Copy selected to... - copy the graphs to other hosts or templates
  • Delete selected - delete the graphs

To use these options, mark the check-boxes before the respective graphs, then select the required option and click on "Go".