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20 Upgrade notes for 2.2.12

Item changes

Correct resolution of low-level discovery macros has been improved in calculated item formulas. Function parameters now will be quoted if, after resolving low-level discovery macros, they contain ,, ) characters or start with ", <space> characters.

Item value macro resolution

The {ITEM.VALUE} macro was previously resolved like {ITEM.LASTVALUE} when displaying trigger name:

  • on a mouse over pop-up in the Dashboard System status widget
  • on a mouse over pop-up on the System status screen element
  • in MonitoringTriggers

Now the macro will be resolved to the historical (at-the-time-of-event) value of the item in these places.

Dashboard host status widget

Previously, when using the dashbaord filter Unacknowledged only option, acknowledged problem triggers were displayed neither in With problems nor Without problems columns of the host status widget, resulting in a wrong host count in total. Now the acknowledged problem triggers are displayed in the Without problems column.

Daemon changes

The detection of a single item failing with network/timeout error introduced in Zabbix 2.2.11 was removed because of inability to distinguish possible network errors.