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14 Upgrade notes for 2.2.6

Template changes

Items discovered by VMware virtual machine disk and network discovery will now have descriptions rather than instance IDs in their names. This change has been done in Template Virt VMware Guest.

Item name "mpTenured" has been fixed to be "mp Tenured" in Template JMX Generic.

In order to fix it, import these templates from

Daemon changes

Java gateway now uses Android JSON library instead of library. When upgrading, apart from the gateway itself, it is necessary to replace the JSON library file and update script. See Java gateway file overview for details.

Dropped support of round-off constants

The descriptions of ZBX_UNITS_ROUNDOFF_THRESHOLD, ZBX_UNITS_ROUNDOFF_UPPER_LIMIT, ZBX_UNITS_ROUNDOFF_MIDDLE_LIMIT and ZBX_UNITS_ROUNDOFF_LOWER_LIMIT definitions have been removed from the documentation since their functionality no longer matches their intended purpose. They are still present in the code and any changes made to them will remain, but their modification may cause unexpected results.