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     "​params":​ {     "​params":​ {
         "​description":​ "Free disk space is less than 20% on volume {#​FSNAME}",​         "​description":​ "Free disk space is less than 20% on volume {#​FSNAME}",​
-        "​expression":​ "​{Zabbix server:​vfs.fs.size[{#​FSNAME},​pfree].last(0)}<​20"​+        "​expression":​ "​{Zabbix server:​vfs.fs.size[{#​FSNAME},​pfree].last()}<​20"​
     },     },
     "​auth":​ "​038e1d7b1735c6a5436ee9eae095879e",​     "​auth":​ "​038e1d7b1735c6a5436ee9eae095879e",​