Notas de la versión de Zabbix 2.0.5rc1

El equipo Zabbix se complace en anunciar la disponibilidad de Zabbix 2.0.5rc1.

Zabbix es una solución de monitoreo distribuido de código abierto y de clase empresarial. Zabbix se publica bajo la GPL, por lo que es gratuito para uso comercial y no comercial. El texto completo de la licencia está disponible en

Este documento contiene las notas de lanzamiento de la versión de Zabbix 2.0.5rc1. Descárgalo desde download.

Las siguientes secciones describen la versión en detalle y proporcionan información reciente u otra información que complementa la documentación principal.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-1600 Increased maximum values of *CacheSize parameters up to 2GB Proxy Server
ZBX-5957 Added configure options to specify iconv include/lib directories Installation
ZBX-1357 Added Bulgarian translation API Frontend
ZBX-6040 Added support of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 for system.uname check Agent
ZBX-1357 Updated American English, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators API Frontend
ZBX-5920 Added prefetching of 2 MB of data for Oracle SQL selects Proxy Server

Corrección de errores

ZBX-6349 Fixed calendar popup in graphs, events and screens date/time filter Frontend
ZBX-6217 Fixed inability to use HTML special characters in web scenario password Frontend
ZBX-5358 Fixed encoding of network interface names with non ASCII characters on Vista/Server 2008 + Agent
ZBX-6216 Fixed crash when zabbix_sender was used in realtime mode on windows Agent
ZBX-6124 Fixed hostgroup.massupdate validation on removing group from host with only one group API
ZBX-6197 Updated DB2 image importer script to work with larger (>16KB) images Installation
ZBX-6211 Fixed errors in Monitoring->Discovery and added check for Discovery existing Frontend
ZBX-6069 Fixed axis in the default "Zabbix Server performance" graph template Installation
ZBX-6195 Fixed navigation bar displaying when host remembering in switched off and user watch graph prototypes Frontend
ZBX-6140 Fixed job creation for script execution on windows 2000 Agent
ZBX-5933 Fixed triggers with negative values in graphs Frontend
ZBX-5532 Added support of 1.8 IT services time format API Frontend
ZBX-5945 Fixed map URL expanding API
ZBX-5968 Fixed updating of triggers and graphs when low-level discovered value changes Server
ZBX-6180 Fixed host edit page for IBM DB2 Frontend
ZBX-5863 Changed external command execution to store output in a dynamically allocated buffer up to 512KB Agent
ZBX-6177 Fixed testing of a trigger expression with an item prototype Frontend
ZBX-6175 Fixed password field naming in item properties Frontend
ZBX-6005 Fixed event.get not returning network discovery or auto-registration events for admin users when passing only the "source" parameter API Frontend
ZBX-6173 Removed unknown trigger color from the trigger overview help pop up Frontend
ZBX-6161 Fixed reading empty files with vfs.file.contents key Agent
ZBX-5458 Fixed some date strings being not translatable Frontend
ZBX-6114 Fixed errors in graphs (invalid arguments and division by zero) Frontend
ZBX-6057 Fixed using of ServerActive option by zabbix_sender Agent
ZBX-6142 Fixed "Current host" removing in Configuration -> Actions -> Operations API
ZBX-6131 Fixed undefined indexes in maintenance periods Frontend
ZBX-6133 Fixed undefined indexes when importing hosts with "Update existing" disabled Frontend
ZBX-6122 Fixed error when trying to create an IT service and submitting an incorrectly filled form Frontend
ZBX-6101 Fixed processing of SNMP traps in maintenance "with data collection"; thanks to Volker Fröhlich for patch Proxy Server
ZBX-6012 Added support of user macros and global regular expressions in SNMP trap item key parameter Proxy Server
ZBX-5973 Improved performance of SNMP dynamic index item cache building in poller processes Proxy Server
ZBX-3534 Fixed templated linking using read-only template API
ZBX-6110 Fixed selected map remembering in Monitoring -> Maps Frontend
ZBX-6117 Fixed item value macros resolving using non-converted to null values Frontend
ZBX-6113 Fixed hidden input field appearing when assigning hosts to groups in IE Frontend
ZBX-6063 Fixed graph selection pop up working incorrectly when adding a graph to a templated screen Frontend
ZBX-6014 Improved performance in most IT services pages and pages that retrieve trigger information API Frontend
ZBX-6070 Fixed event CSV export ignoring the selected page and filters Frontend
ZBX-6006 Optimized web interface API calls, which requested redundant data Frontend
ZBX-5806 Fixed template.massadd and template.massremove returning an empty hostids array API
ZBX-5201 Added handling of PerfCounter error PDH_CALC_NEGATIVE_DENOMINATOR Agent
ZBX-6054 Fixed host write permissions being required to view screens API
ZBX-6027 Fixed global notification messages not working in fullscreen frontend mode Frontend
ZBX-6037 Fixed duplicate frontend messages and changed frontend messages to show last event for 15 triggers instead of last 15 events Frontend
ZBX-5900 Fixed date validation in services and maintenances, fixed JS calendar and fixed maintenance period validation API Frontend
ZBX-5835 Fixed possible "Undefined index" in Configuration -> Actions screen Frontend
ZBX-6097 Fixed the ability to override LDAP configuration when calling user.login API
ZBX-5986 Fixed page filter to not use remembered group if selected host is not in that group Frontend
ZBX-6013 Fixed table layout in Monitoring -> IT services for IE10 Frontend
ZBX-5977 Removed possibility to add an LLD rule to an application via the API in application and discovery rule API
ZBX-5938 Removed orphaned trigger from default data set Installation
ZBXNEXT-894 Fixed generate_events comment to say that events are generated after maintenance if trigger changed its state during the maintenance at all Documentation
ZBX-5988 Fixed memory leak in functions evaluate_LOGEVENTID(), evaluate_STR(), DBlld_process_discovery_rule(); thanks to Takanori Suzuki for patch Proxy Server
ZBX-5940 Fixed displaying default key parameters when agent is used with option -p Agent
ZBX-5981 Fixed incorrect use of function assert() if build option -DNDEBUG was used, it caused random crashes Proxy Server
ZBX-3379 Added SourceIP support for SNMP items Proxy Server
ZBX-6002 Optimized fetching latest service alarms in Service API API Frontend
ZBX-5986 Fixed page filter in Monitoring -> Graphs Frontend
ZBX-6004 Optimised Monitoring -> Screens page Frontend
ZBX-6003 Optimised Monitoring -> Maps page Frontend
ZBX-5862 Fixed SQL condition algorithm API Frontend Server
ZBX-4789 Improved performance of permissions check API Frontend
ZBX-5979 Fixed Monitoring -> Events page not to show events from triggers that reference at least one disabled or unsuported item Frontend
ZBX-5985 Fixed DB error in "Configuration of web monitoring" for PostgreSQL Frontend
ZBX-5699 Fixed configuration graph host ID passing in navigation Frontend
ZBX-1946 Improved error messages when validating screen item row and column spans API
ZBX-3402 Disabled "store value" overriding for host items inherited from templates Frontend
ZBX-3402 Fixed the "formula" input not being displayed when editing templated items with a disabled multiplier Frontend
ZBX-3071 Fixed reading and writing of Oracle NCLOB fields Proxy Server
ZBX-5704 Fixed validation on file uploading API Frontend
ZBX-5737 Fixed image saving using Oracle API
ZBX-5809 Fixed global URL displaying in map screen item Frontend
ZBX-5837 Fixed filtering by proxy status in HostGroup API get method API
ZBX-5899 Implemented flicker-free graph support for web monitoring Frontend
ZBX-5919 Removed OCI_COMMIT_ON_SUCCESS option for SQL statements in transaction on Oracle backend Proxy Server
ZBX-5869 Fixed host ID detection in graph configuration Frontend
ZBX-3754 Fixed "Undefined variable" in the trigger expression constructor Frontend
ZBX-3038 Fixed the trigger expression constructor to parse expressions created in log wizard Frontend
ZBX-2793 Added possibility to add macros without an item in the trigger expression Frontend
ZBX-5896 Fixed inserting OR condition in the trigger expression constructor Frontend
ZBX-5833 Fixed inserting a macro in the trigger expression constructor API Frontend
ZBX-5884 Improved the trigger expression constructor to work with parentheses Frontend

Notas de instalación y actualización


Ver Manual de Zabbix para conocer todos los detalles.


Ver Procedimiento de actualización for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 2.0.5.

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