Notas de la versión de Zabbix 2.3.4

El equipo Zabbix se complace en anunciar la disponibilidad de Zabbix 2.3.4.

Zabbix es una solución de monitoreo distribuido de código abierto y de clase empresarial. Zabbix se publica bajo la GPL, por lo que es gratuito para uso comercial y no comercial. El texto completo de la licencia está disponible en

Este documento contiene las notas de lanzamiento de la versión de Zabbix 2.3.4. Descárgalo desde download.

Las siguientes secciones describen la versión en detalle y proporcionan información reciente u otra información que complementa la documentación principal.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-101 Added functionality for changing log level at runtime, added new trace log level for extended web and vmware monitoring
ZBXNEXT-1467 Added clear separation between 'add' and 'update' operations in the frontend
ZBXNEXT-570 Implemented the ability to quickly display items on a graph from the latest data page
ZBX-8367 Added recalculating of unsupported items queue when changed "Refresh unsupported items" parameter
ZBXNEXT-1583 Implemented new screen element types - "Graph prototype" and "Simple graph prototype"
ZBX-1357 Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Polish and Slovak translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
ZBXNEXT-2359 Made server and proxy refuse to start if StartPollersUnreachable=0, but other pollers are started
ZBX-8557 Implemented housekeeper 30 minutes startup delay
ZBX-7720 Increased size of "Host name", "Visible host name" and "Proxy name" fields to 128 characters

Corrección de errores

ZBX-8458 Visual fixes in multiselect, actions, screens and maps
ZBX-8682 Added IT services sorting in dependencies tab
ZBX-8414 Fixed value cache statistics update when database contains only part of requested data
ZBX-8414 Fixed value cache single value request returning FAIL for not found items in low memory mode
ZBX-8675 Removed sortorder sorting from IT services popup window
ZBX-8664 Changed agent to allow empty return values from user parameters and remote commands
ZBX-8616 Fixed link to host items in Inventory->Hosts host view
ZBX-8624 Fixed inconsistent header layout in Monitoring->Discovery page
ZBX-8524 Fixed trigger filter not being reset on the Monitoring->Events page
ZBX-8494 Added check to prevent starting a proxy with a server database and vice versa
ZBX-8670 Fixed undefined index error on the web scenario configuration page when no host is selected
ZBX-8531 Fixed inconsistent group selection dropdown behaviour in application configuration
ZBX-8653 Fixed big double value check in the decimal validator
ZBX-8377 Fixed style and hover effect for disabled bulk action buttons and improved readability for readonly input fields
ZBX-8568 Fixed item.delete and itemprototype.delete to also remove trigger prototypes using them
ZBX-8636 Fixed user accounts not being disabled after exceeding number of unsuccessful login attempts
ZBX-7721 Added support for discovering more than 100 hypervisors on large vcenter installations to vmware collector
ZBX-8564 Added standard error output while running remote script
ZBX-8629 Fixed crash in get_string() function when checking "Database monitor" items
ZBX-4800 Replaced library with Android JSON library; thanks to Volker Fröhlich for legal research
ZBX-4800 Fixed typo in item name in "Template JMX Generic": "mpTenured" -> "mp Tenured"
ZBX-8509 Fixed value of field "Use custom multiplier" to correctly default to "1" if checkbox is unchecked
ZBX-8530 Fixed host update to work when doing template unlink and interface remove in same request
ZBX-8488 Fixed items being shown in queue with a delay of more than 44 years
ZBX-8627 Fixed problem with some of code not working on PHP 5.3
ZBX-8599 Fixed incorrect error message in Telnet based checks
ZBX-8389 Fixed compilation error due to undeclared CURLOPT_KEYPASSWD with versions of libcurl up to 7.16.4
ZBX-8582 Added use of escaping to variables in SQL queries to prevent possible injections in places where it was missing; thanks to Leann for the report
ZBX-8444 Improved sleeping escalation processing by using configuration cache to get enabled items, triggers and hosts
ZBX-8608 Added support of IP masks for action conditions
ZBX-8608 Fixed clearing of discovered services with using CIDR notation in ip lists
ZBX-8415 Fixed possible server crash on LLD host or host group update
ZBX-8455 Improved synchronization between perfromance collector and agent threads
ZBX-8236 Fixed few memory leaks in Windows agent
ZBX-8601 Fixed bad performance of the proxy configuration synchronization
ZBX-8600 Fixed SQL errors in proxy configuration synchronization
ZBX-8563 Added field "logtimefmt" to exported items
ZBX-8484 Fixed "Plain text" screen elements with "Show text as HTML" enabled trying to display the text as preformatted
ZBX-7621 Changed virtual machine disk and network discovery to use device name instead of instance id in discovered item name
ZBX-8338 Fixed SNMP walking code so that it intelligently chooses either a string or numeric representation for an OID index
ZBX-8577 Added wmi.get[] to the list of suggested items
ZBX-8430 Fixed SQL errors in drule.delete API method
ZBX-8510 Fixed possible deadlocks when updating IT services

Notas de instalación y actualización


Ver Manual de Zabbix para conocer todos los detalles.


Vuelve a compilar los binarios de Zabbix y actualice los archivos PHP de frontend. Ejecuta un parche de base de datos si la migración ocurre desde Zabbix 1.8.x. Ver Manual de Zabbix para obtener un procedimiento de actualización detallado.

Soporte comercial

Zabbix ofrece una gama completa de Servicios profesionales. También proporcionamos sin problemas Servicio de actualización para una fácil migración desde versiones anteriores de Zabbix. Por favor Contactar con el equipo de ventas para precios y más detalles.


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