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2.7 Special notes on "Include" parameter

If an Include parameter is used for including a file, the file must be readable.

If an Include parameter is used for including a directory:

  1. All files in the directory must be readable.
  2. No particular order of inclusion should be assumed (e.g. files are not included in alphabetical order). Therefore do not define one parameter in several Include files (e.g. to override a general setting with a specific one).
  3. All files in the directory are included into configuration.
  4. Beware of file backup copies automatically created by some text editors. For example, if editing the include/my_specific.conf file produces a backup copy include/my_specific_conf.BAK then both files will be included. Move include/my_specific.conf.BAK out of the “Include” directory. Check the contents of the Include directory with a ls -al command for unnecessary files.