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 ==== 8 Template changes ==== ==== 8 Template changes ====
-This page lists all changes to the stock templates that are shipped with Zabbix. It is suggested to modify ​these templates in existing installations ​- depending on the changes, it can be done either ​by [[​official-templates/zabbix-components|importing]] the latest official version or by performing ​the change manually.+This page lists all changes to the stock templates that are shipped with Zabbix.  
 +Note that upgrading to the latest Zabbix version will not automatically upgrade the templates used. It is suggested to modify ​the templates in existing installations by
 +  * Downloading the latest templates from the [[​projects/​ZBX/​repos/zabbix/​browse/​templates?​at=refs%2Fheads%2Frelease%2F4.4|Zabbix Git repository]]
 +  * Then, while in //​Configuration//​ -> //​Templates//​ you can import them manually into Zabbix. If templates with the same names already exist, ​the //Delete missing// options should be checked when importing to achieve a clean import. This way the old items that are no longer in the updated template will be removed (note that it will mean losing history of these old items).
 === New templates === === New templates ===
-New templates are available for [[:manual/appendix/items/​remote_stats|remote monitoring]] of Zabbix ​server or proxy internal metrics ​from an external instance:+See the list of [[:manual/introduction/whatsnew440#​new_templates|new templates]] in Zabbix ​4.4.0. 
 +=== Changes in 4.4.1 === 
 +  * The //Template Net HP Comware HH3C SNMPv2// now contains the correct value mapping. 
 +  * In the //Template Module Zabbix agent// type has been changed ​from ZABBIX_ACTIVE to ZABBIX_PASSIVE 
 +=== Changes in 4.4.2 === 
 +Low-level **discovery rules** have been split from the parent template //Template Module HOST-RESOURCES-MIB SNMPv2// into separate linked templates:
-  * Template ​App Remote Zabbix server +  * Template ​Module HOST-RESOURCES-MIB storage SNMPv2 
-  * Template ​App Remote Zabbix proxy+  * Template ​Module HOST-RESOURCES-MIB memory SNMPv2 
 +  * Template Module HOST-RESOURCES-MIB CPU SNMPv2
-Note that in order to use a template for remote monitoring of multiple external instances, a separate ​host is required ​for each external instance monitoring.+Other changes: 
 +  * A CPU utilization item has been added to //Template Module HOST-RESOURCES-MIB CPU SNMPv2//; 
 +  * The filesystem discovery filter has been improved to exclude some unnecessary values ​in //Template Module HOST-RESOURCES-MIB storage SNMPv2// (linked ​to //Template OS Windows SNMPv2//), //Template Net Arista SNMPv2//​);​ 
 +  * The network interface discovery filter has been improved to exclude some unnecessary values in //Template Module Interfaces Windows SNMPv2// (linked to //Template OS Windows SNMPv2//​);​ 
 +  * Discovery filters in several templates are now defined by template-level user macros (for example {$VFS.FS.FSNAME.MATCHES} and {$VFS.FS.FSNAME.NOT_MATCHES}) that can be overridden on host or linked-template level for flexibility:​ 
 +    * //Template Module HOST-RESOURCES-MIB storage SNMPv2// 
 +    * //Template Module HOST-RESOURCES-MIB memory SNMPv2// 
 +    * //Template Module HOST-RESOURCES-MIB CPU SNMPv2// 
 +    * //Template Module Interfaces Windows SNMPv2//
-=== Zabbix server template ​===+=== Changes in 4.4.4 ===
-  * New low-level discovery ​manager and worker processes ​have been added +  * Windows service discovery has been added to //Template OS Windows by Zabbix agent//. 
-  * The new ''​zabbix[lld_queue]'' ​item has been added to monitor low-level discovery queue +  * Low-level discovery ​rules have been split from //Template Module HOST-RESOURCES-MIB SNMPv1// into separate linked templates (see [[:#​changes_in_442|Changes in 4.4.2]] for details) 
-  * More descriptions for triggers related to caching parameters ​have been added (e.g. %%"​%%Consider increasing HistoryCacheSize in the zabbix_server.conf configuration file%%"​%% ​for the //More than 75% used in the history cache// ​trigger, ​etc.).+  * Each xml of template has been moved into its own sub directory. In Bitbucket, this allows each template to have its own rendered, when viewed in web. 
 +  * Value mapping ​'Ethernet 10Mbs' ​has been renamed to 'Ethernet' ​in linux,​linux_prom 
 +  * Ploop md hcp zram has been added to LLD filter for devices) in linux,​linux_prom,​linux_snmp 
 +  * Not used macros in hp_hpn template ​have been removed 
 +  * Value mapping ​for HH3C template has been fixed 
 +  * Poll time of CPU metrics has been changed to 5m by default ​in cisco template 
 +  * Missing user macros in windows_agent template has been added 
 +  * Remove mode=none from trigger ​prototypesversion triggers now close after some timeout 
 +  * Width has been set to 750px for all screen graphs
-=== Zabbix proxy template ​===+=== Changes in 4.4.5 ===
-Description of the //More than 75% used in the configuration cache// trigger has been fixed to refer to the zabbix_proxy.conf file (instead of zabbix_server.conf).+New HAProxy and Redis templates are available:
-More descriptions for triggers related to caching parameters have been added (e.g%%"​%%Consider increasing HistoryCacheSize in the zabbix_proxy.conf configuration file%%"​%% for //More than 75% used in the history cache// trigger, etc.).+  * //Template App HAProxy by HTTP// - collects metrics by polling [[https://​​blog/​exploring-the-haproxy-stats-page/​|HAProxy Stats Page]] with HTTP agent remotely ​(see [[https://​​projects/​ZBX/​repos/​zabbix/​browse/​templates/​app/​haproxy_http|description]]);​ 
 +  * //Template App HAProxy by Zabbix agent// - collects metrics by polling [[https://​​blog/​exploring-the-haproxy-stats-page/​|HAProxy Stats Page]] locally with Zabbix agent (see [[https://​​repos/​zabbix/​browse/​templates/​app/​haproxy_agent|description]]). 
 +  * //Template DB Redis// - collects metrics from Redis by polling ​the new Zabbix agent 2 (see [[​projects/​ZBX/​repos/​zabbix/​browse/​templates/​db/​redis|description]]).
-=== Zabbix agent template === 
-Minor naming inconsistency ​in items and triggers has been fixed in //Template App Zabbix Agent// (e.g//Version of zabbix_agent(d) running// -> //Version of Zabbix agent running//)+=== Changes ​in 4.4.6 ===
 +New MySQL template is available:
 +  * //Template DB MySQL by ODBC// - collects metrics from DBMS MySQL and its forks by ODBC (see [[https://​​projects/​ZBX/​repos/​zabbix/​browse/​templates/​db/​mysql_odbc|description]]).