Notas de Lançamento para o Zabbix 1.7.0

A Equipe Zabbix tem o prazer de anunciar a disponibilidade do Zabbix 1.7.0.

O Zabbix é uma solução de monitoramento distribuído empresarial de código aberto. O Zabbix é distribuído sob a GPL, portanto, é gratuito para uso comercial e não comercial. A licença completa está disponível em

Este documento contém as notas de lançamento do Zabbix 1.7.0. Para efetuar o download clique aqui.

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Fixes and minor improvements

ZBX-1056 fixed failed attempt counter not reset after successful login via API
DEV-333 added configuration data cache module
DEV-427 frontend is PHP 5.3.0 compatible
ZBX-1034 fixed maps tooltip url view
ZBX-899 added "Show last" to "Status of triggers" events filter
ZBX-924 added check for not empty resource
DEV-310 improvements in graph visualisation and time line scrolling
DEV-357 modified oracle schema for support of Unicode
ZBX-1046 add DBPort description; note that socket is used for MySQL if DBHost is localhost
DEV-411 database cache is permanently enabled
ZBX-482 fix incorrect MySQL userparameter keys in template
ZBX-298 fix missing item parameter descriptions and examples; unify active/passive item descriptions
DEV-420 fixed "Add host" operation for auto-discovered devices
DEV-423 added filtering of the Windows Event Log by Type, Source and Event ID on the agent side
DEV-9 added support of function macros
DEV-422 updated the list of supported checks in the item configuration form
DEV-421 added additional parameter `maxlines' to `log[]' and `eventlog[]' checks
DEV-137 add AIX initscript for agentd by Faustino Ramos
DEV-420 auto-discovery of multiple-IP devices
DEV-419 added support of Basic Authentication for Web monitoring
DEV-325 new check for DNS 'net.tcp.dns.query' was added; added additional 'type' parameter
DEV-416 new simple check 'icmppingloss' added; ICMP checks now support additional parameters
DEV-9 added support of global, template and host level macros on the server side
DEV-414 created basic man pages for all Zabbix binaries
DEV-340 auto registration of active agents
DEV-137 sql file "data.sql" was fixed, a default value was added
DEV-137 sql file "data.sql" was fixed, some default values were added
DEV-412 improved timeline in charts
DEV-353 Discovery: added support of IP masks
DEV-137 poller will continue processing of other items after enabling a host
DEV-137 modified Makefile to use tr instead of sed for better compatibility
DEV-339 added a dummy function for DB cache monitoring
DEV-411 database cache is enabled by default now
DEV-399 added information about monitored hosts to the discovery screen
DEV-358 added notification macros {NODE.*[1..9]}
DEV-358 added notification macros {ITEM.LOG.*[1..9]}
DEV-358 added notification macros {ITEM.VALUE} and {ITEM.VALUE[1..9]}
DEV-358 added notification/trigger description macros {ITEM.LASTVALUE[1..9]}
DEV-358 added notification macros {HOST.CONN[1..9]} {HOST.DNS[1..9]} {IPADDRESS[1..9]}
DEV-358 added notification macros {TRIGGER.KEY[1..9]}
DEV-358 added notification/trigger description macros {HOSTNAME[1..9]}
DEV-358 added notification macros {ITEM.NAME[1..9]}
DEV-358 added notification macros {PROFILE.*[1..9]}
DEV-405 added highlighting of selected rows
DEV-397 added user name to output of {ESC.HISTORY} macros
DEV-397 added notification macros {EVENT.ACK.STATUS} and {EVENT.ACK.HISTORY}
DEV-405 Proxies, Nodes moved under "Administration->DM"
DEV-405 Items, Triggers, Graphs moved under "Configuration->Hosts"
DEV-405 Host Groups, Maintenances moved under "Configuration"
DEV-406 added milliseconds to log files of all Zabbix daemon processes
DEV-350 cleanup of sample config files, added sample of windows agent config
DEV-404 improved web history
ZBX-961 fixed history strings saved not by reference
DEV-403 added Debug mode for user groups in order to simplify GUI troubleshooting
ZBX-773 fixed typo 'attribures'
ZBX-974 recompressed most frontend images with pngcrush
DEV-400 added necessary link between hosts and groups
ZBX-944 fixed changelog reference
DEV-394 added easy access when not logged in
DEV-398 added hostgroup filter for HostGroup and TemplateLinkage twinboxes
DEV-377 added search for hosts and host-groups
DEV-388 Discovery: added new action operations - enable/disable host
ZBX-949 fixed undefined constant S_add_TO
DEV-137 operation interval steps N-N will be displayed as N
DEV-318 Notifications: fixed messaging for discovery events
DEV-391 Notifications: added new {DISCOVERY.*} macros
DEV-390 Discovery: added support of port intervals
DEV-317 added new action conditions (node, discovery rule/check, proxy)
DEV-389 added SNMPv3 discovery check
DEV-320 added macros for windows events logs in notifications
DEV-332 added media selection for notifications
DEV-385 added Event ID field for eventlogs
DEV-382 added support of IPv6 for monitoring of the SNMP devices
DEV-328 implemented printing of stopped Zabbix process PID for better debugging
DEV-137 now SNMP keys with dynamic indexes use only one connection
ZBX-921 fixed processing of SNMP strings
DEV-341 rework of events history, as consequences changes in audit screen, some reports and other pages
DEV-356 moved dropdown configuration from defines to frontend
DEV-355 changed node management interface
DEV-341 added hint with previous 20 events in Dashboard's widget "Last 20 issues" on mouse-over
DEV-326 admins are allowed to change Medias in user profile
DEV-330 extended template trigger dependencies functionality
DEV-137 changed the minimal maintenance time from 1 hour to 5 minutes
DEV-319 empty fields aren't shown in hosts inventory
ZBX-750 added multiple choice for trigger dependencies
DEV-313 added User Group configuration window GUI improvements
DEV-312 fixed wrong selection of selection box on graph border
ZBX-758 fixed wrong template linking
ZBX-757 fixed "Bar reports" add item permission problem for users
ZBX-752 fixed wrong audit logs for trigger actions
ZBX-483 added sorting to selection box
DEV-287 support of PHP4 is removed from source
ZBX-714 fixed "No groups defined" message in items list when group is defined
ZBX-646 audit log entries added for screen edit actions
ZBX-645 after new installation, filter for audit log is set not to filter anything
ZBX-643 fixed no print data for bar reports
DEV-231 improved dynamic graph usability in slideshow screen
DEV-258 added additional reports based on bar graphs
DEV-257 added bar graph class
DEV-252 improved audit log of host groups,hosts,items and media types
DEV-266 added support of octal and hexadecimal data
DEV-253 improved audit log filtering
DEV-261 added triggers status to screens
DEV-256 improved multiple labels in maps and support of macros
DEV-265 added popups with links to "Status of trigger" & "Events history" pages
DEV-262 added group filtering for "Trigger info"
DEV-259 added internal links
DEV-251 added improved screen editing
DEV-249 added support of advanced regular expressions
DEV-247 added enhancement to the Graph function
DEV-233, DEV-237 added support of scheduled maintenance periods

Notas de instalação e atualização


Veja Manual do Zabbix para maiores detalhes.


Veja Procedimento de atualização for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 1.7.0.

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