Notas de Lançamento para o Zabbix 5.0.2

A Equipe Zabbix tem o prazer de anunciar a disponibilidade do Zabbix 5.0.2.

O Zabbix é uma solução de monitoramento distribuído empresarial de código aberto. O Zabbix é distribuído sob a GPL, portanto, é gratuito para uso comercial e não comercial. A licença completa está disponível em

Este documento contém as notas de lançamento do Zabbix 5.0.2. Para efetuar o download clique aqui.

As seções a seguir descrevem o lançamento em detalhes e fornecem as informações mais recentes ou outras informações que complementam a documentação principal.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-6044 Added native support in agent2 for https key for net.tcp.service/.perf Agent
ZBXNEXT-6034 Added native support of key 'ldap' for item 'net.tcp.service/.perf' to Agent2 Agent
ZBXNEXT-5939 Added native support of item 'vfs.file.exists' to Agent2 Agent
ZBXNEXT-6007 Improved Zabbix server performance when evaluating action conditions for network discovery results from Zabbix proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-3205 Added regex context matching support to user macros API Frontend Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-5966 Updated SNMP templates for version 5.0 Templates
ZBXNEXT-5847 Added logging of global script executions into audit log API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-3588 Improved Zabbix server performance when evaluating trigger, discovery, autoregistration and internal actions Server
ZBXNEXT-1867 Added file type include and exclude parameters to item 'vfs.file.exist' Agent
ZBXNEXT-5955 Added support of custom fields and custom buttons in message card Templates
ZBXNEXT-5921 Added IIS template Templates
ZBXNEXT-5895 Added Template DB MSSQL by ODBC Templates
Added support of user related macros {USER.ALIAS}, {USER.FULLNAME}, {USER.NAME} and {USER.SURNAME} for global scripts Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-5905 Added "Template App Etcd by HTTP" Templates

Correções de bugs

ZBX-17989 Fixed server version for pgsql.replication.status Templates
ZBX-18057 Fixed security vulnerability CVE-2020-15803 (Stored XSS attack on URL widget) Frontend
ZBX-17931 Fixed dependent discovery rule deletion when deleting master item API
ZBX-17624 Fixed misleading error message in case of not available datastorage for and vmware.hv.datastore.write metrics Proxy Server
ZBX-17715 Fixed filtering and sorting of the Latest Data API Frontend
ZBX-17802 Fixed runtime errors in trigger list Frontend
ZBX-17922 Removed mtime check when matching files on disk with the cached list, this should reduce chances of log files being scanned again after system time changes Agent
ZBX-17860 Fixed host prototype import API Frontend
ZBX-17920 Fixed browser error when user tries to access properties without permissions Frontend
ZBX-17252 Fixed building of Zabbix daemons with link time optimization Proxy Server
ZBX-17693 Fixed headers and query fields in HTTP item test form; thanks to Mikhail Okhotin for the patch Frontend
ZBX-17837 Fixed memory leaks when handling CurlHttpRequest errors Proxy Server
ZBX-17878 Fixed low-level discovery rule override operation object label not selecting the related field when clicked on Frontend
ZBX-17663 Fixed user not being redirected back to an URL he was coming from before signing in using SAML SSO Frontend
ZBX-17900 Fixed the template description - the config file naming is in lowercase Templates
ZBX-17905 Changed type of physical disk performance items from wmi to perf_counter_en and perf_instance_en in Template Module Windows physical disks by Zabbix agent Templates
ZBXCTR-9 Removed username and password from 1st level configuration parameters and change connection; removed unused tests and handler Agent
ZBX-17811 Fixed runtime error messages on database connection error Frontend
ZBX-17721 Fixed message on updating module Frontend
ZBX-17809 Fixed dashboard save button becomes disabled after widget paste Frontend
ZBX-17804 Fixed preservation of "No refresh" interval for new widget copy Frontend
ZBX-17781 Fixed runtime error in maintenance period popup window Frontend
ZBX-17720 Exclude disabled items from preprocessing configuration sync Proxy Server
ZBX-16940 Added "Number of cores" item and changed trigger for "CPU queue length" item Templates
ZBX-17851 Fixed possible deadlocks when deleting escalations Server
ZBX-16945 Changed type of items "Free swap space" to calculated, "Free swap space in %" to dependent, added item "Used swap space in %" Templates
ZBX-17853 Fixed graph filter to be reset when linked from graph screen and host inventory page Frontend
ZBX-17673 Removed redundant shared memory destruction Agent
ZBX-17735 Made changes in System information widget to show number of templates on a separate line and number of hosts show only enabled and disabled hosts Frontend
ZBX-17406 Fixed null value for a field of CompositeData in JMX discovery Java gateway
ZBX-17823 Fixed displaying zero for history values less than one millisecond Frontend
ZBXNEXT-5763 Fixed resolving of macros in the item test form for formulas of the calculated items Frontend
ZBX-17245 Fixed agent2 not logging to system log code Agent
ZBX-17759 Aliased EnableRemoteCommands to Allow/[*], added default[*] rule for backwards compatibility Agent
ZBX-17891 Changed log, log.count monitoring to ignore file modification time Agent
ZBX-17697 Fixed strict DFSG compliance issue in using minified jQuery sources Frontend
ZBX-17729 Fixed user is always redirected back to login form when using SAML SSO if guest mode is enabled Frontend
ZBX-16461 Fixed recovery expression for "link down" trigger Templates
ZBX-17480 Fixed context of {$TEMP_CRIT} macro in Temperature trigger prototype Templates
ZBX-17702 Fixed escalation cancellation message not being sent when action is disabled Server
ZBX-17751 Fixed host group multiselect in popups remembering selected groups when it should not Frontend
ZBX-17816 Fixed wrong query fields when linking template with host prototype Server
ZBX-17741 Changed setup description for Template DB MySQL by Zabbix agent 2 Templates
ZBX-17644 Fixed host address field not being editable and macros not showing for username and password fields in item test popup form for SSH and TELNET item types Frontend
ZBX-14539 Added validation of the calculated item formula in item.create, item.update, itemprototype.create and itemprototype.update methods API Frontend
ZBX-17776 Fixed typo in "Recovery time" field for Discord and MS Teams media Templates
ZBX-17374 Fixed radio button state if mass update fails Frontend
ZBX-17744 Changed width of graphs in screens from 750x100 to 500x100 Templates
ZBXNEXT-3035 Removed identical HTML IDs in low-level discovery form, fixed Type of Calculation field not hiding in override popup, fixed incorrect field order during override create in API causing SQL errors, fixed validation of delay, history and trends fields in override popup API Frontend
ZBX-17790 Fixed preprocessing of mysql.created_tmp_files, mysql.created_tmp_disk_tables, mysql.created_tmp_tables, mysql.threads_created items in Template DB MySQL, added triggers Templates
ZBX-17792 Fixed zabbix sending invalid delete elastic search scroll request Server
ZBX-17141 Fixed discovery of block devices by using key instead of reading /proc/diskstats Templates
ZBX-17654 Fixed "Memory utilization" item in template_os_linux and template_os_linux_active by splitting it into master and depended relation Templates
ZBX-17780 Fixed memory leak Agent
ZBX-17694 Fixed high memory consumption when using dependent items Proxy Server
ZBX-17577 Fixed remove of selected items in multiselect Frontend
ZBX-17561 Fixed inherited macro becoming editable after remove Frontend
ZBX-17226 Fixed confusing error message being displayed if dbversion table cannot be found Frontend
ZBX-17737 Fixed value mappings not working for text based simple macros Server
ZBX-17625 Fixed javascript message box formatting Frontend
ZBX-17599 Fixed "ServerVersion" metric for older versions of Apache Templates
ZBX-17771 Fixed Zabbix event url in mattermost Templates
ZBX-17801 Shadow global auto_increment MySQL variables only for proxy Proxy Server
ZBXCTR-7 Fixed typo in method usage for Telegram media type Templates

Notas de instalação e atualização


Veja Manual do Zabbix para maiores detalhes.


Veja Procedimento de atualização for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 5.0.2.

Suporte comercial

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