Notas de Lançamento para o Zabbix 2.0.4rc1

A Equipe Zabbix tem o prazer de anunciar a disponibilidade do Zabbix 2.0.4rc1.

O Zabbix é uma solução de monitoramento distribuído empresarial de código aberto. O Zabbix é distribuído sob a GPL, portanto, é gratuito para uso comercial e não comercial. A licença completa está disponível em

Este documento contém as notas de lançamento do Zabbix 2.0.4rc1. Para efetuar o download clique aqui.

As seções a seguir descrevem o lançamento em detalhes e fornecem as informações mais recentes ou outras informações que complementam a documentação principal.

New Features and Improvements

ZBX-1357 Added initial Portuguese (Portugal) translation
ZBXNEXT-1398 Changed vertical labels in Monitoring -> Overview from PNG images to text
ZBXNEXT-1398 Implemented flickerfree screen shadowing for old screen data
ZBX-1357 Added initial Indonesian translation
ZBXNEXT-1393 Fixed global scripts font
ZBX-4638 Added support of {HOST.HOST}, {HOST.NAME}, {HOST.IP}, {HOST.DNS} and {HOST.CONN} macros in "params" field for SSH, Telnet and DB monitor items
ZBX-4663 Added possibility to use dots in JMX attribute names
ZBX-5556 Action recovery message body can now be empty
ZBX-1357 Updated American English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Polish, Slovak, Russian and Ukrainian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
ZBXNEXT-1426 Added initial Persian translation
ZBXNEXT-1447 Added initial Finnish translation

Correções de bugs

ZBX-5648 Changes don't allow update "templateid" in items, or create new item with predefined "templateid"
ZBX-5684 Fixed inconsistency that CItem get() returned discovery rules and item prototypes by default
ZBX-5684 Fixed problem when updating non normal items status, it's flag is changed to normal
ZBX-5882 Fixed "Illegal string offset" errors and allowed templated trigger prototypes in trigger expressions test
ZBX-5848 Removed flexible intervals from items in the default templates
ZBX-5877 Fixed tree position saving in IT services
ZBX-5878 Fixed misaligned leading lines in IT services
ZBX-5875 Fixed items configuration in French language
ZBX-5860 Fixed hostgroup massupdate
ZBX-5814 Fixed an incorrect error message when saving an illegal trigger expression
ZBX-4247 Fixed processing of trigger expression if item key contains another trigger expression string
ZBX-2640 Fixed some issues when creating and editing log triggers
ZBX-5855 Fixed "Array to string conversion" errors in 1.8 XML import
ZBX-3684 Fixed "Undefined index" error in 1.8 XML import
ZBX-5732 Fixed sending data from a file in Zabbix sender
ZBX-5741 Fixed Zabbix sender crash if a corrupted server response is received
ZBX-5722 Fixed calculation of "vm.memory.size[available]" in Zabbix agent on Solaris
ZBX-5149 Fixed refreshing of unsupported "Zabbix agent (active)" items by a proxy
ZBX-5759 Fixed Oracle ORA-01002 SQL error on items bulk actions
ZBX-5639 Fixed global options "dropdown first entry" and "remember selected" in availability reports
ZBX-5639 Improved sdii() debugging function
ZBX-5816 Fixed undefined index in Monitoring > Events, when favorite trigger has been deleted
ZBX-5771 Fixed acknowledge tick mark lost on "overview" page
ZBX-5821 Fixed 2.0 xml format template import
ZBX-5791 Fixed possible SQL errors when linking groups to a host
ZBX-5786 Fixed screens import, that contain simple graphs or plain texts
ZBX-5753 Fixed server crash when using an icmpping* check as a discovery rule
ZBX-5382 Fixed agent crash on HP-UX Itanium; thanks to Alice Ferrazzi
ZBX-5289 Fixed agent crash on Solaris; thanks to Jairo Eduardo Lopez Fuentes Nacarino, Takanori Suzuki
ZBX-5744 Removed redundant HTML from the map monitoring page
ZBX-5744 Fixed script.getscriptsbyhost returning an unnecessary array of hosts for each script
ZBX-5811 Fixed no permissions error when change user group "status", "frontend access" and "debug mode" using link in user groups list
ZBX-5751 Fixed CDiscoveryRule get() and CItemPrototype get() "selectGraphs" parameter
ZBX-5667 Fixed host screen defined in template does not show item data for "Plain text" elements
ZBX-5762 Fixed undefined indexes in graph prototype form
ZBX-5125 Fixed possible SQL errors while upgrading DB
ZBX-5415 Fixed check for PostgreSQL dev libraries
ZBX-5740 Removed "discoveryids" parameter from CItem, CTrigger and CGraph get() methods
ZBX-5740 Fixed CItemPrototype parameter "selectTriggers" not working
ZBX-5111 Fixed child trigger data reset after changes in parent trigger
ZBX-5742 Fixed trigger order_result in item and item prototype
ZBX-5754 Fixed English strings in trigger expression helper
ZBX-5700 Added permission checks in frontend
ZBX-5700 Fixed error after image deleting
ZBX-5700 Fixed duplicates in audit log after deleting
ZBX-5700 Fixed spaces in audit log
ZBX-4186 Added permission checks in media types
ZBX-4185 Added permission checks in user groups
ZBX-5637 Changed form, functions description and parameters in trigger expression helper (popup_trexpr.php) and changed popup size
ZBX-5603 Fixed already defined constant error when db is unavailable
ZBX-5720 Fixed incorrect error when deleting internal host group
ZBX-5643 Fixed SQL error by adding permission check for triggers when adding nonexistent dependencies via API
ZBX-5643 Fixed circularity check for trigger addDependencies() in API
ZBX-5691 Fixed error when creating graph if Oracle configured to use comma as decimal separator
ZBX-5671 Fixed error when saving configuration in Administration -> General with Oracle backend
ZBX-5693 Fixed possibility to create graph with the same name as existing graph prototype within template
ZBX-5698 Fixed API response after "triggerprototype.create", now request returns "triggerids" after INSERT
ZBX-5648 Fixed problems with "templateid" in API; added check for "templateid" in graphs, triggers, items, screens and template screens; fixed full clone; fixed screen forms; fixed messages in API
ZBX-5679 Fixed icon mapping icon preview in configuration form
ZBX-5137 Fixed host/group dropdowns changing selected value on refresh after page actions
ZBX-5688 Fixed trigger expression suffix support for graph triggers, only KMG were supported
ZBX-5665 Fixed LLD created triggers not being deleted when related trigger prototype is deleted
ZBX-5661 Fixed keys "" and "" with "ops" and "sps" parameters on Linux and FreeBSD
ZBX-5614 Fixed agent compiling problem on OpenBSD 5.1
ZBX-5674 Fixed execution of actions with SSH commands with "Public key" autentication
ZBX-5656 Fixed timeperiod validation
ZBX-5660 Fixed expression constructor exp labels style
ZBX-3204 Changed generating and reading algorithm for trigger expression condition functions, and fixed English translation
ZBX-5677 Fixed param field 3 manipulation in trigger popup
ZBX-5648 Disallowed changing "templateid" in items, or creating new item with a predefined "templateid"
ZBX-5644 Fixed triggers with spaces in the expression missing from the graph legend
ZBX-5652 Fixed resolving of a {ITEM.NAME} macro in notification messages
ZBX-5454 Fixed encoding of long email subject line as required by RFC-2047; thanks to Jairo Eduardo Lopez Fuentes Nacarino
ZBX-3920 Added check for duplicate dependencies
ZBX-5636 Fixed empty acknowledge block in event details if event has no acknowledgments
ZBX-5571 Fixed reporting of system.sw.packages for multiple package systems
ZBX-5559 Fixed reporting of system.sw.packages with short package listing
ZBX-5280 Fixed functional macros for newly created items returning 0 instead of 'no data'
ZBX-5280 Fixed HOST.DNS macro priorities when only JMX and IPMI interfaces are used in host
ZBX-5280 Fixed HOST.DNS macro not using default DNS from host interface configuration
ZBX-5280 Added HOST.HOST macro support in map labels for trigger items
ZBX-4097 Changed the "application", "host" and "group" parameters for item.get, trigger.get and triggerprototype.get to be case sensitive
ZBX-1946 Fixed being able to create screen items with spans exceeding the size of the screen
ZBX-5619 Fixed errors when importing a template with an empty screen
ZBX-3803 Added PHP session auto start check in frontend setup
ZBX-5621 Fixed custom trigger severity displaying in user media configuration
ZBX-5617 Fixed class bug in trigger expression condition
ZBX-5046 Fixed an error when deleting a globalmacro when the macro doesn't exist
ZBX-5595 Fixed "housekeeper" table getting entries when deleting a discovery rule or an item prototype
ZBX-5596 Fixed login form input field width
ZBX-5629 Fixed JavaScript error if user media contains doublequote
ZBX-5580 Fixed graph grid for negative values
ZBX-1825 Fixed clickable text in popup menu headers
ZBX-5582 Clarified StartTrappers parameter in the server and proxy configuration files
ZBX-4833 Fixed screens not being cloned upon a full template clone
ZBX-5547 Fixed server name and other parameters in frontend setup not being escaped
ZBX-3347 Fixed error when creating an item with a new application that already exists
ZBX-3907 Fixed API user.logout method
ZBX-4983 Fixed importing of 1.8 templates if they contain already existing host macros
ZBX-5579 Fixed displaying 'Acknowledged' in Monitoring -> Triggers when a trigger has no events by displaying 'No events' instead
ZBX-5606 Removed 'units' and 'store value' fields for character data items
ZBX-5608 Fixed incorrect macro resolving in trigger descriptions if expression has duplicate functions
ZBX-5650 Added more information about ProxyLocalBuffer parameter in the example configuration file
ZBX-5414 Fixed handling of an incorrect username/password in SNMPv3 checks
ZBX-5609 Fixed defaults for parameters of items in "zabbix_agentd -p"
ZBX-5552 Fixed processing of vm.memory.size[total] under FreeBSD
ZBX-5572 Fixed trivial compilation warnings

Notas de instalação e atualização


Veja Manual do Zabbix para maiores detalhes.


Veja Procedimento de atualização for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 2.0.4.

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