Notas de Lançamento para o Zabbix 1.8.3rc3

A Equipe Zabbix tem o prazer de anunciar a disponibilidade do Zabbix 1.8.3rc3.

O Zabbix é uma solução de monitoramento distribuído empresarial de código aberto. O Zabbix é distribuído sob a GPL, portanto, é gratuito para uso comercial e não comercial. A licença completa está disponível em

Este documento contém as notas de lançamento do Zabbix 1.8.3rc3. Para efetuar o download clique aqui.

As seções a seguir descrevem o lançamento em detalhes e fornecem as informações mais recentes ou outras informações que complementam a documentação principal.

Fixes and minor improvements

ZBX-2799 fixed map element host in maintenance
ZBX-2781 fixed timeline in case of usertime going over possible period
ZBX-2803 fixed agent compilation on HP-UX with the native HP-UX C compiler
ZBX-2745 improved performance of screen element "History of events"
ZBX-2774 fixed GUI messaging in DM setup
ZBX-2786 fixed errors in trigger dependency mass update popup
ZBX-2536 fixed agent crash when processing proc.mem[] and proc.num[] on NetBSD
ZBX-2671 fixed detection of various system headers during ./configure
ZBX-2800 fixed undefined variable if updating a trigger with incorrect function
ZBX-2789 forbid active agent items to have 0 interval
ZBX-2794 fixed sorting in configuration web
ZBX-2792 fixed status sorting in maintenances
ZBX-2726 fixed statuses for discovery events
ZBX-2785 creation of empty slideshows prohibited
ZBX-2791 fixed host menu in "top 100 triggers" in ie7
ZBX-2790 fixed maintenance times reset while configuring maintenance
ZBX-2773 changed buttons css for Dark orange theme
ZBX-2777 fixed map labels when "status only" option is set
ZBX-2775 updated Brazilian Portuguese translation; thanks to Murilo Moreira de Oliveira
DEV-468 improved theme colouring in IE
ZBX-2767 fixed time stamp in German locales
ZBX-2764 fixed database monitor values not being accepted from proxy
ZBX-2752 improved text colouring
ZBX-2748 fixed compilation on OpenBSD 4.7 due to undefined KERN_PROC
ZBX-2758 fixed underlined filter label in Opera
ZBX-2763 fixed saving user profile
ZBX-2759 fixed item form not saving params field
ZBX-2762 fixed sql error when "all" hosts is selected in application popup
ZBX-2757 fixed calendar colours in Dark orange theme
ZBX-2754 fixed possible undefined variables in frontend
ZBX-2761 improved performance in search page
ZBX-2683 minor updates for the Latvian translation
ZBX-2741 updated French translation; thanks to Alixen
ZBX-2700 updated Czech translation; thanks to Jakub Kalas
ZBX-2739 fixed empty list of items when "all" selected in items popup
ZBX-2747 improved sql when saving triggers
ZBX-2750 fixed undefined index when deleting graph
ZBX-2742 fixed item deletion with postgre
ZBX-2738 fixed problems with Ukrainian locales
ZBX-2740 fixed js errors in items section in IE
DEV-468 added new frontend theme - Dark orange
ZBX-2731 fixed permissions problem with hostgroup names containing '[]'
ZBX-2733 fixed the timer process so that it does not recalculate extraneous triggers for an item
ZBX-2729 improved host-group and host filter selection
DEV-465 added messaging system
ZBX-2697 forbid creation of maintenance without hosts/groups
ZBX-2711 added links to host profile in dashboard "last 20 issues" host menu
ZBX-2719 fixed events delay for one minute in frontend
ZBX-2720 in actions conditions trigger host is now displayed
ZBX-2685 fixed map elements not always change position when coords are manually set
ZBX-2664 fixed viewed period and filter status reset in web monitoring
ZBX-2683 removed dead entries and added some translated strings for the Latvian translation
ZBX-2682 added Czech translation; thanks to Jakub Kalas
ZBX-2669 fixed not showing map label when background image is used
ZBXNEXT-436 added unacknowledged problem display for maps
ZBX-2561 refactored usergroups api, improved item deletion
ZBX-2634 fixed instability of Zabbix processes on Solaris due to them crashing in signal handlers
ZBX-2670 make it clear in the 'configure' help output that full path to odbc_config should be specified
ZBX-2666 fixed detection of resolv.h and net/if.h
ZBX-2657 fixed bugs with non closing item select popups in bar reports
ZBXNEXT-425 added new macros for acknowledged events count
ZBX-2642 fixed items multiplier field
ZBX-2639 now when do full clone template, linkage list is cleared
ZBX-2598 fixed labels with linebreak in maps
ZBXNEXT-426 added dashboard option to show unack problems
ZBX-2555 fixed simple checks for FTP, POP, and NNTP protocols so that they close sessions properly
ZBX-2553 fixed simple checks ignoring server replies
ZBX-2612 fixed system.stat showing cpu idle and I/O wait time over 100% on AIX
ZBX-1324 replaced more user visible strings ZABBIX with Zabbix
ZBX-2616 bundled DejaVu font upgraded from 2.30 to 2.31
ZBX-2562 improved sessions store
ZBXNEXT-424 enhanced status of trigger filter
ZBX-2599 fixed processing of hexadecimal or octal data by proxy
ZBX-2597 fixed processing of telnet results with long prompts
ZBX-2595 fixed logformat field showing
ZBX-2593 fixed possibility to copy item between templates that are linked to same host
ZBX-2585 removed spaces from charts title & fixed date format for chart4.php
ZBX-2592 added support of comma character (,) for scripts in action remote commands
ZBX-2575 removed outdated and undocumented environment variables from alert scripts
ZBX-2574 improved fixed graph Y axis measurement
ZBX-2576 small text changes in administration/audit
ZBX-1857 fixed item form correct processing, removed refreshing when item type is changed
ZBX-2528 fixed default language loading before using phrases, warning messages removed which were displayed after login
ZBXNEXT-343 added possibility to unlink and clear templates when mass update hosts templates
ZBX-1930 all top indents of icon labels now is equal
ZBX-2152 fixed names of SNMPv3 security levels
ZBX-2563 fixed warnings in m4/libunixodbc.m4 with newer autotools
ZBX-2543 fixed password reset when edit user profile and auth type is not internal
ZBX-2524 fixed deleting media types
ZBX-2557 fixed incorrect message when add proxy with name that already exist
ZBX-2492 fixed Japanese translation, all sprintf and their placeholders have been removed from phrases from all languages
ZBX-2551 fixed not shown errors in configuration/triggers
ZBX-2552 fixed multiple events for triggers with complicated expressions
ZBX-2532 fixed outdated information in "server info" screen element
ZBXNEXT-377 added support of passive mode for proxies
ZBX-2556 added dropdown length limit in frontend
ZBX-2548 fixed sorting in items popup when adding items to simple graph, disabled dropdown with tooltip showing filtration added as well
ZBX-2547 fixed errors in installation
ZBX-2277 fixed menu position on screen
ZBX-2339 fixed height of row in resource "Plain text" in screens
ZBX-2459 fixed setting trigger value to unknown on disabling
ZBX-2414 added PHP session module check as requirement in dashboard and installation
ZBX-2526 fixed graph refresh problem when referred from screens page
ZBX-2525 improved actions API code
ZBX-2324 fixed guest user settings not being stored
DEV-461 improved map creation/editing by adding align option
ZBX-2518 fixed new map saving
ZBX-2469 fixed screen API
ZBXNEXT-396 added optional parameters 'from' and 'to' to zabbix[queue]
ZBX-2511 fixed compilation on FreeBSD with IPv6 due to FD_SETSIZE being undefined
ZBX-2503 fixed server and proxy crash with Oracle in cases DBUser and DBPassword parameters were not specified
ZBX-2074 fixed web scenarios showing incorrect speed
ZBX-2486 fixed syntax error in 1.6 PostgreSQL upgrade script
ZBX-2336 fixed 'system.hostname' being empty on Windows hosts with names longer than 15 characters
ZBX-2251 removed error displaying in area of graphics
ZBX-1327 page is now remembered correctly after performing actions
ZBX-1211 fixed cell spacing in empty cells
ZBX-2372 fixed bug with date in local language, now short and long month names shown correctly
ZBX-2040 annoying "double check" popups removed from copy to & mass update actions of items and triggers
ZBX-2482 fixes in chart graphs avg calc
ZBX-1477 fixed moving screen elements with spans
ZBXNEXT-279 added links to parent elements for item and trigger form
ZBX-2376 port parameter to tcp and tcp_perf is now mandatory
ZBX-2376 added ldap, ldap_perf, ntp, and ntp_perf simple checks
ZBX-808 renamed service.ntp parameter of net.tcp.service{.perf} to ntp
ZBX-2011 plain ASCII subjects are no longer base64-encoded, fixes issues with email to SMS gateways
ZBXNEXT-319 multirow inserts are now used for PostgreSQL 8.2 and higher
ZBXNEXT-392 our daemons no longer crash after "strace -p"
ZBXNEXT-138 our daemons can now listen on multiple IPs, see ListenIP configuration parameter
ZBX-2031 fixed comparison of empty strings with Oracle that led to duplicate rows in dservices
ZBX-2409 fixed server crash when deleting unreachable hosts in discovery
DEV-461 changes in GUI configuration menu
ZBX-2473 fixed timescroll most right position when "now"
ZBX-1193 improved macros form
ZBX-2035 fixed host full cloning
ZBX-1986 fixed empty Y axis if item values are zeros
ZBX-2492 updated Japanese translation; thanks to Kodai Terashima
ZBX-1357 update Hungarian translation; thanks to Laszlo Szabo
ZBX-2489 fixed server crash when receiving data using the old protocol
ZBX-2474, ZBXNEXT-378 fixed page refresh on filter change, now all filters hiding and showing works without refresh
ZBX-2488 changed filter from Web Monitoring to External Check
ZBX-2483 fixed showing latest data by filter when clicking from dashboard with GUI option 'Dropdown first entry' -> None
ZBX-1529 fixed macros expand to nothing in templates
ZBX-2461 fixed complex bugs with trigger expressions
ZBX-1357 updated German translation; thanks to Peter Schultz
ZBX-2319 fixed escaping locales on download
ZBX-2460 fixed auto adding host group to updated host
ZBX-2367 improved using DISTINCT rule in queries in API
ZBX-2408 fixed mute button in status of triggers page
ZBX-2477 fixed dynamic graphs disappear from screens
ZBX-1346 clarify some parameter values in the example configuration files
ZBX-2471 fix location of the space in a translatable string
ZBX-954 fix Hungarian language name
ZBX-2457 change 'type' keyword to 'ENGINE' for table creation in MySQL schema
ZBX-2466 fixed item filter form
ZBX-1607 now trigger line is visible in all Zabbix themes in all states and severity in corresponding severity colour mixed with opposite colour which stored in defines in hex
ZBX-2105 fixed acknowledging events from dashboard for different nodes
ZBX-2441 fixed handling of begin/commit/rollback statements with temporarily unavailable SQL server
ZBX-2432 fixed warning message in templates when template has linked templates
ZBX-2325 improved groups/hosts selecting for filter dropdowns
ZBX-2433 fixed time not updated on slides when now is selected
ZBX-2452 fixed parsing of integer values from SNMP's Hex-STRING
ZBX-2313 forbid to add graph from templates to screen
ZBX-1503 added information message after host delete action, about host being deleted
ZBX-2418 fixed bug with JavaScript URL parser, anchor was recognized as part of file
ZBXNEXT-323 improved bad performance of the trends for large number of items
ZBXNEXT-327 more intuitive load balancing of pollers with a single item queue
ZBXNEXT-326 more efficient synchronization of configuration data
ZBX-2153 fixed server crash due to unaligned memory access
ZBX-2092 fixed label line height in maps, now all lines have the same line height
DEV-377 improved global search
ZBX-1510 fixed history view bound by minute issue
ZBX-2339 fixed row height for type of information "text"
ZBX-2201 improved history page
ZBX-2359 fixed graph lines for fixed Y axis with items draw functions "All"
ZBXNEXT-335 links starting with http(s) are now clickable in hosts inventory
ZBX-1537 fixed multiple displaying of same host, from which were deleted graph, when deleting mass graphs
ZBX-1263 fixed misleading log messages that referenced agent for any kind of unsupported item
ZBXNEXT-58 added zabbix[{history_log,history_text,history_uint,trends_uint}] internal checks
ZBX-2446 fixed compilation on AIX 5.3 with OS level 5300-05 or earlier
ZBX-2027 fixed selecting wrong host after cancelling trigger comment
ZBX-2253 fixed delete confirmation dialogue referring to empty element
ZBX-2370 fixed duration value in monitoring events for multiple problem triggers
ZBX-507 made UserParameters work with zabbix_agent(d) -p and -t
ZBX-2326 fixed XSS vulnerability in triggers page; later independently discovered by VUPEN Security
ZBX-2326 fixed dynamic chart titles, now all symbols are rendered correctly
ZBX-2250 value mapping is now applied for {ITEM.LASTVALUE} macro inside triggers description
ZBX-1436 fixed trigger events display after next steps monitoring -> triggers -> click on any event time
ZBX-1532 added screen name to visual screen editing form (when adding screen rows and cols)
ZBX-2438 fixed configuration of ssh2 on FreeBSD. Thanks to Alex Deiter
ZBX-2423 added custom colour input for link elements
ZBX-2100 fixed group with templates but without hosts breaks map editing issue
ZBX-1591 fixed "advanced icons" for image type map elements
ZBX-2379 fixed trigger expression editing with trigger builder
ZBX-1882 fixed selecting items from disabled hosts for graphs
ZBX-1126 fixed large numbers processing for values stored as 'Delta'
ZBXNEXT-241 extended proxy screen to show proxy vps and item count
DEV-460 improved host-group and maps icons info in Zabbix maps
ZBXNEXT-338 added caching of eventids
ZBX-1438 fixed not deleting data from trends_uint table when deleting an item
ZBX-2276 fixed dashboard discovery status header
ZBX-2377 fixed converting html special chars in graphs' legend
ZBX-2311 fixed Host group empty value selection for items filtering
ZBXNEXT-313 implemented string pool for configuration cache
ZBX-2417 fixed timeout handling for passive checks on agent side
ZBX-1873 added slideshow delay multiplier and fixed slides not showing graphs
ZBX-2282 fixed availability updating of IPMI hosts, monitored by proxy
ZBX-2412 fixed deleting maps with API
ZBX-2341 fixed cutting 20 bytes instead of 20 symbols in char/log/text item values
ZBX-2407 fixed repeated message on cookie size limit
ZBX-2406 removed filter from plaintext history
ZBX-2263 fixed permission checks in bar reports
ZBX-2270 fixed item filtering
ZBX-2401 fixed host name in dynamic graphs in screens
ZBXNEXT-325 added StartDBSyncers parameter for parallel writing to DB
ZBX-1906 fixed possibility to add identical checks for discovery
ZBX-2384 fixed status of triggers elements in screens
ZBX-1824 fixed parsing map labels containing item references with user macros
ZBXNEXT-321 decreased number of selects from DB while processing trends data
ZBX-1505 fixed user macros not resolved in frontend
ZBX-1902 fixed some possibilities to create incorrect linkage
ZBX-2386 rows per page limit increased
ZBX-2306 fixed zoom position
ZBX-2306 improved starting zoom on edges
ZBX-2132 added date format constants to locales, changed zbx_date2str function to meet regional formats and date translation
ZBXNEXT-311 improved speedup dbconfig synchronization
ZBX-2360 added multiple acknowledging for OK>UNKNOWN>OK and PROBLEM>UNKNOWN>PROBLEM events
ZBX-2374, ZBX-2633 updated Ukrainian translation; thanks to zalex_ua
ZBX-2347 fixed last 20 issues in event details showing less than 20 issues
DEV-459 made improvements in discovery page generation
ZBX-2148 added preview button in graphs form
ZBX-2337 fixed error when selecting a web item in trigger configuration
ZBX-2306 fixed links for graphs in screens
ZBX-633 removed linkage of OpenIPMI library to Agents in "configure" script
ZBX-633 more debug information in checks_ipmi.c module
ZBX-2362 fixed processing of logrt[] checks under Windows
ZBX-2356 fixed error while performing group actions when creating an item
ZBX-2355 fixed error when trying to massupdate trigger severity
ZBX-2354, ZBX-2635, ZBX-2648 updated Russian translation; thanks to dotneft and zalex_ua
ZBX-2352 fixed typo in the default locale
ZBX-2312 fixed event order in "monitoring triggers" and "last 20 events"
ZBX-2264 added opportunity to translate class.cuser.php and
ZBXNEXT-311 improved the speed of dbconfig synchronization
ZBX-2378 renamed calculated item field 'Expression' to 'Formula', changed trigger option 'Multiple TRUE events' to use 'PROBLEM' instead
ZBX-2329 fixed screen renaming
ZBX-2315 fixed multiple issues with JS scrollbar
ZBX-2321 fixed log items appearing in the wrong order
DEV-458 added marks on maps if elements trigger changed status recently
ZBX-2290 added export/import of map images
ZBX-2290 fixed image update with oracle db
ZBX-2317 updated French translation; thanks to alixen
ZBX-2283 fixed incorrect time calculating in slidebar
ZBX-2261 fixed username hiding in acknowledge comments
ZBX-2305 fixed actions getting lost in an event-busy environment
ZBX-2303 fixed GET/POST methods in processing web scenario steps. Thanks to Hannu Ylitalo
ZBXNEXT-293 processes now provide more information on why they terminate
ZBX-2304 fixed "no permission" error when screen contains simple graphs with web item
ZBX-2268 denied creation of pie/exploded graphs with more than one sum item
ZBX-2298 added constant to defines to be able configure default Y axis position: left or right
ZBX-2174 fixed a small memory leak in SNMP checks
ZBX-1648, ZBX-2300 fixed caching of "Database monitor" items. Thanks to Kirill Fateev
ZBX-2290 fixed screen cells moving
ZBX-2301 fixed "configure" script with libssh2-1.0.0 library
ZBX-2296 fixed possible heavy loaded server crash when using internal checks
ZBX-2295 added additional units to graphs Y axis
ZBX-2285 fixed sending of active items multiple times
ZBX-2266 fixed server crash when processing malformed calculated items
ZBX-1346 use single quotes in example frontend configuration file
ZBX-2274 fixed trigger expression corruption with trigger wizard
ZBX-2273 add support of macro {TRIGGER.EVENTS.UNACK} for map labels
ZBX-2279 fixed error when changing graph name case
ZBX-2252 fixed server crash and infinite looping in telnet checks
ZBX-2275 fixed loss of the log-data if Zabbix server is unavailable
DEV-457 improved dashboard favourite selection
DEV-457 improvements in dynamic map link indicators form
ZBX-2258 fixed applications import
ZBX-1357, ZBXNEXT-376, ZBXNEXT-412 update Brazilian Portuguese translation; thanks to edson
ZBX-2254 added update time for monitoring triggers screen
ZBX-1886 added js translations
ZBX-2245 added missing functions in trigger expression builder
ZBX-2190 fixed trigger expression check for syntax
ZBX-2242 fixed agent crash on HP-UX when processing logrt[] items
ZBXNEXT-288 improved server performance by not storing function lastvalue in database
ZBX-1753 added permission check for trigger sound notifications
ZBX-2246 added trigger wizard for logrt item
ZBX-2241 fixed graph X axis for big periods
ZBX-2241 fixed text collide in graphs
ZBX-2232 fixed bug with last event duration time in event details
ZBX-2243 fixed bug when cannot select template for item filter by host
ZBX-2240 fixed "undefined index" in monitoring latest data
ZBX-954 fix minor typos

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