Notas de Lançamento para o Zabbix 1.8.1

A Equipe Zabbix tem o prazer de anunciar a disponibilidade do Zabbix 1.8.1.

O Zabbix é uma solução de monitoramento distribuído empresarial de código aberto. O Zabbix é distribuído sob a GPL, portanto, é gratuito para uso comercial e não comercial. A licença completa está disponível em

Este documento contém as notas de lançamento do Zabbix 1.8.1. Para efetuar o download clique aqui.

As seções a seguir descrevem o lançamento em detalhes e fornecem as informações mais recentes ou outras informações que complementam a documentação principal.

Fixes and minor improvements

ZBX-1850 fixed warnings when saving host with enabled profile
ZBX-1779 fixed incorrect number of problems in Host Status widget
ZBX-1849 fixed colours of trigger severity in Host Status widget
ZBX-1757 fixed oracle 1.8 upgrade patch, not null constraints
ZBX-1762 fixed errors when editing media types
DEV-445 added support of system.stat[] under AIX
ZBX-1633 fixed sysmaps in PostgreSQL upgrade patch
ZBX-1617 fixed triggers duplicating in template linking for discovered hosts
ZBX-1840 fixed bad performance of the node synchronization - fixed database index
ZBX-1742 fixed processing of "system.uptime" check under Windows to return values as integers
ZBX-1786 fixed not remembered group when using paging in export screen
ZBX-1735 added "ERROR" words to some error messages in data cache module
ZBX-1321 fixed displaying of large unsigned int values in latest data
ZBX-1838 fixed value mapping in overview screen
ZBX-1788 fixed proxy configuration form showing hosts from all nodes
ZBX-954 fix typo in default trigger names
ZBX-1746 fixed problems viewing map element
ZBX-1763 applied patch with translation for some javascript strings
DEV-447, DEV-448 added support of net.if.* under Windows
ZBX-1582 fixed processing[...] check to avoid the server crashing on libssh2 timeout
ZBX-1688 hosts, user doesn't have permission to, are shown gray in hostgroup configuration screen
ZBX-1608 fixed notifications after maintenance periods
ZBX-1576 fixed evaluating aggregate items for large host groups
ZBX-1822 added option to expand single problem for hosts,maps,host groups
DEV-360 added support of calculated items
ZBX-1821 fixed map problem if icon element is not selected
ZBX-1177 returned slide-level refresh rate
ZBX-1331 implemented auto adding selected group on host creation
ZBX-1427 fixed adding Actions through API
ZBX-1810 fixed adding user media through API
ZBX-1818 fixed API inner inconsistency in method naming
ZBX-1818 changed API version
ZBX-3 remove a comment saying syslog is used until it works from proxy config file as well
ZBX-1801 fixed action disable link
ZBX-1763 added last week to SLA weekly graph
ZBX-1716 fixed server behaviour (not dying silently) when mysql database user, password or privileges change
ZBX-1800 updated Japanese translation; thanks to Kodai
ZBX-1798 updated Russian translation; thanks to dotneft
ZBX-1783 fixed problem with fixed Y axis in graphs
ZBX-1654 fixed disabled trigger map icon
ZBX-1653 fixed link from maps to events
ZBX-1164 improved error messaging in regexp form
ZBX-1774 fixed error in slide screen in case if no screens defined
ZBX-1758 improved node filtering in sqls
ZBX-1776 fixed js error for ie6 in triggers status screen
ZBX-1752 fixed error showing maps when REGISTER_GLOBALS in PHP is on
ZBX-954 fixed typos in changelog, error messages and frontend item hints
ZBX-1725 fixed graphitem sortorder
ZBX-1635 fixed possible Windows agent crash when using checks based on performance counters
ZBX-1759 fixed bug when bulk acknowledge, acknowledges already acknowledged events
ZBX-1596 fixed checking of allowed hosts for data sent by zabbix_sender
ZBX-1572 fixed processing of the performance counters defined in the configuration file using non-latin symbols
ZBX-1264 added support of simplified syntax for external checks
ZBX-1483 fixed icmppingsec to return seconds as in 1.6.x
ZBX-862 added support of kernel.maxproc[] under Linux 2.6
ZBX-1714 added confirmation dialogue for proxy operations
ZBX-1717 fixed configuration -> ITservices display bugs when nodeid is greater than 99
ZBX-1712 removed empty translation strings
ZBXNEXT-194 added host status widget to dashboard
ZBX-1670 fixed events from slave nodes not shown when all nodes are selected
ZBX-1668 fixed saving graphs with web items
ZBX-1728 fixed expression deletion in log trigger form
ZBX-1357 updated French translation. Thanks to alixen
ZBX-1732 added node and group name for screen widget "triggers info"
ZBXNEXT-196 added "Show with unacknowledged" filter option for triggers screen
ZBX-1729 removed limitation of showings triggers in charts only by one item
ZBX-1729 removed excessive space in chart header, informational messages (triggers, percentile) are separated
ZBX-1577 fixed pie chart display
ZBX-1613 added sorting for user groups members
ZBX-1734 changed severity colouring in events screen
ZBX-1573 fixed colon precedence in user right entries
ZBX-1708 fixed errors in log items history screen
ZBX-1715 fixed errors in IT Services parent selection sceren
ZBX-1652 fixed user media deletion on profile save
ZBX-1641 fixed handling of "Include" statement in configuration files
ZBX-1580 reduced frontend memory usage
ZBX-1663 fixed y axis calculation in stacked graphs
ZBX-1468 fixed editing user media types on node with id > 99
ZBX-1727 add missing S_INCORRECT_EXPRESSION localisation string
ZBX-1659 fixed checked marks on multilabel selection on map
ZBXNEXT-192 added possibility to exclude some services from the result of services[]
ZBX-1478 improved php requirements checks
ZBX-1713 fixed adding user group to email alerts
ZBX-1643 removed edit links from search if no write access to object
ZBX-1661 fixed value mappings retrieval
ZBX-1665 fixed hosts view in graphs configuration screen
ZBX-1673 fixed removing hosts from hosts group, when user with permission only on host group updates it
ZBX-1639 fixed processing of logrt[] check
ZBX-1671 make more strings translatable. Thanks to alixen
ZBX-1669 make more strings translatable. Patch by dotneft
ZBX-1627 fixed errors in monitoring->overview
ZBX-1603 fixed button title when editing maintenance period
ZBX-1638 added host name to link indicator
ZBX-1658 removed "Zabbix Status" from dashboard for non super admins
ZBX-1646 improved permissions check in Dashboard
ZBX-1626 added LDAP authentication to API
ZBX-1624 fixed template linkage popup, when all templates are selected by default
ZBX-1604 extended maintenance period info messages
ZBX-1647 removed displaying of host availability on maps
ZBX-1495 fixed map level label location
ZBX-1629 added colouring of items in trigger configuration screen
ZBX-979 host mass update templates now only link new templates
ZBX-1642 fixed possibility of editing read only host items
ZBX-1242 fixed adding macro in triggers editing form
ZBX-1589 fixed no permission error when try to edit host form from search screen
ZBX-1561 fixed errors when view event info as admin user
ZBX-954 fixed item property reference when adding log item with type other than "log"
ZBX-1493 fixed disabled host icon view
ZBX-1546 fixed processing link triggers on map
ZBX-1476 fixed host links in map
ZBX-1605 fixed map with host element under maintenance
ZBX-1507 fixed userid added instead of ip for some audit actions
ZBX-1563 fixed error when view history for log type item
ZBX-1556 fixed importing graphs with items that does not exist in system
ZBX-1515 fixed json encode/decode with mb overload enabled
ZBX-1623 fixed no proxy listed when admin edits host
ZBX-1456 fixed map update on linkage properties change
ZBX-1625 when mass update hosts, default "connect to" option is set to IP
ZBX-1479 fixed host mass update
ZBX-1628 removed templates from status of triggers screen
ZBX-1508 fixed action map creation
ZBX-1593 fixed errors when admin tries to add hostgroup editin host
ZBX-1621 fixed displaying of ITservices graph text
ZBX-1553 fixed host group mass activate/disable operation
ZBX-1455 added sorting for host/global macros
ZBX-1523 fixed last macros deletion
ZBX-1619 fixed web scenario data not removed from DB when host is deleted
ZBX-1567 fixed availability graph text displaying
ZBX-1581 fixed wrong group saved as discovery group in Administration->General
ZBX-1592 user groups are now sorted in user list and editing form
ZBX-1475 improved elements status checks
ZBX-1598 fixed empty application list when mass update template items
ZBX-1612 fixed "API access" and "Disabled" group permissions; patch by Kodai
ZBX-1606 fixed showing icon errors with qoutes in error text
ZBX-1571 fixed errors when adding proxy
ZBX-1585 fixed editing time in calendar popup in ie6/7
ZBX-1564 fixed processing of performance counters which are represented as number alternatives
ZBX-479 fixed compilation of Zabbix agent under Mac OS/X
ZBX-1385 proxy list in host configuration form is now sorted
ZBX-1560 fixed typo in application API class call
ZBX-1286 Zabbix handles some specified types of errors instead of Windows system, no dialogue boxes pop up
ZBX-1420 fixed warnings in Dashboard and on script execution if Zabbix server is down
ZBX-1584 fixed importing/exporting of IPMI settings
ZBX-1554 fixed errors when saving triggers using "Create log trigger"
ZBX-1530 fixed showing graph from wrong host, when simple graph with dynamic option is clicked on screen
ZBX-1545 fixed showing templated graphs in graph selection combobox
ZBX-1465 fixed adding hostgroup elements on map
ZBX-1528 fixed map permissions
ZBX-1569 fix incorrect state reference in map connector definition
ZBX-1568 make 'Parent service' string translatable; patch by Kodai
ZBX-1457 hosts in export file are now sorted by hostname
ZBX-1462 fixed "Add host" operation for "Discovery" module for trying to add a host name which is already used
ZBX-1547 fixed SQL error while executing discovery action 'remove host'
ZBX-1324 replaced more user visible strings ZABBIX with Zabbix
ZBX-1470 fixed importing triggers with dependencies
ZBX-1440 fixed error when adding global macro
ZBX-1435 fixed exporting triggers with '&'
ZBX-1459 fixed template importing
ZBX-1174 fixed sql in "Add host" operation in "Discovery" module
ZBX-1431 fixed parameters for user.get api method
ZBX-1467 fixed graph copying
ZBX-1502 fixed full clone of hosts
ZBX-1460 forbade creation of circular template linkages
ZBX-1441 fixed incorrectly remembered link line type
ZBX-1498 fixed error when try to create item with custom key "log" and not Log item type
ZBX-1497 fixed evaluation of trigger function 'count'
ZBX-1283 fixed group selection in maintenance edit form
ZBX-1316 fixed missing trigger expressions using expression constructor
ZBX-1473 fixed installation requires mb_string function from php 5.2
ZBX-1454 fixed adding user to one group, removes all other users from group
ZBX-1346 improve example configuration files
ZBX-1369 make more strings translatable

Notas de instalação e atualização


Veja Manual do Zabbix para maiores detalhes.


Veja Procedimento de atualização for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 1.8.1.

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