Notas de Lançamento para o Zabbix 1.8.4

A Equipe Zabbix tem o prazer de anunciar a disponibilidade do Zabbix 1.8.4.

O Zabbix é uma solução de monitoramento distribuído empresarial de código aberto. O Zabbix é distribuído sob a GPL, portanto, é gratuito para uso comercial e não comercial. A licença completa está disponível em

Este documento contém as notas de lançamento do Zabbix 1.8.4. Para efetuar o download clique aqui.

As seções a seguir descrevem o lançamento em detalhes e fornecem as informações mais recentes ou outras informações que complementam a documentação principal.

Fixes and minor improvements

ZBX-3351 fixed broken support of 1.4.x style configuration file format for WEB interface
ZBX-3256 added automatic detection of fping command line option to use for specifying source IP address
ZBX-3333 fixed icmppingloss[] returning bad values when NIC bonding is used
ZBX-1985, ZBX-2394 fixed icmppingloss[] returning bad values when fping is capable of pinging both address families
ZBX-2825 fix after saving the profile it stays in the profile page
ZBX-1294 disabled GUI interface action elements for editing a templated trigger
ZBX-3306 fixed minimal value limit for action escalation period
ZBX-3320 fixed host.create, template.create permission error for admin users
ZBX-266 made debugging output for Web scenarios more useful
ZBX-1181 fixed infinite looping when failing cURL initialization and showing of such errors in the GUI
ZBX-1181 fixed download speed, response time, and response code not being saved for failed Web scenario steps
ZBX-2851 fixed Apache hanging when frontend connects to empty database
ZBX-2647 made some of hard coded strings translatable
ZBX-3294 fixed host status change confirmation dialog
ZBX-3301 fixed server crash after libssh2_userauth_list() when processing SSH checks
ZBX-2395 fixed sending of the same message to the same user using different media types
ZBXNEXT-586 added sensor[device,sensor,<mode>] check for Linux 2.4
ZBXNEXT-586 added sensor[device,sensor,<mode>] check for OpenBSD; thanks to Robert Nagy
ZBX-3252 fixed graph height calculations when graph height was less then 120px
ZBX-3261 fixed second level template deletion
ZBX-3295 fixed compilation warnings in eztexting module if code configured without cURL library
ZBX-2862 it is now not possible to delete host group or user group used in scripts
ZBX-3281 fixed system.cpu.util[] for all processors combined on NetBSD
ZBX-3006 fixed some forms <input> elements are put inside <table> tag
ZBXNEXT-176 added Zabbix server name input during setup
ZBX-3253 added schema selection for db2 setup and a configuration file parameter on the server
ZBX-3239 fixed error in Proxies screen on Oracle, when no proxy defined
ZBX-3273 removed renewed auto registration notifications for already created hosts
ZBX-1294 disabled "Add" and "Toggle input method" for templated trigger expressions
ZBX-3223 it is now possible to gather network interface statistics under a normal user on OpenBSD; thanks to Robert Nagy
ZBX-3270 fixed server crash when processing calculated items with non-numeric user macros
ZBXNEXT-564 added new {PROXY.NAME} and {HOSTNAME} macros for auto registration notifications
ZBXNEXT-564 added support of {PROXY.NAME} macro for discovery and trigger notifications
ZBX-3269 fixed processing of metrics for devices with trailing digits
ZBX-3115 fixed returned data type for net.tcp.listen under Solaris and FreeBSD
ZBX-3115 fixed returned data type for system.users.num metric
ZBX-3267 fixed trigger updating through API
ZBX-3259 fixed log trigger wizard functionality: now it can be used for any item with value type = log, text or char
ZBX-2672 added internal checks zabbix[*] to help items in data.sql
ZBX-3255 fixed string escaping under IBM DB2
ZBX-3201 fixed evaluation of calculated items with multiline expressions
ZBX-3210 fixed incorrect height scaling in graphs
ZBX-3231 improved item key validation in the GUI and notification macro parser on the server
ZBX-3061 fixed screen import problem with "Status of triggers" screen type
ZBX-3249 added define for frontend graphing on partitioned DB data store
ZBX-3216 fixed setup not catching existing configuration file on step 6
ZBX-3240 updated Russian translation; thanks to dotneft and zalex_ua
ZBX-3229 improved output of configure script
ZBX-3222 fixed Zabbix returns to incorrect page from acknowledge form
ZBX-2577 fixed template trigger update affects downstream triggers
ZBX-3221 fixed host deletion through API
ZBX-3220 fixed error when delete host on postgresql db
ZBX-2293 fixed server terminating when sending "database down" alerts using scripts
ZBX-3184 fixed 1000 vs. 1024 multipliers for bits, bytes, and other units in notification macros
ZBX-3184 fixed negative values with unit suffixes in notification macros
ZBX-3211 updated Ukrainian translation; renamed locale to uk_ua; thanks to zalex_ua
ZBX-3085 fixed possible stop to send data from proxy after shutdown of MySQL server; thanks to Takanori Suzuki
ZBX-3169 updated French translation; thanks to Alixen
ZBX-3218 server and proxy are no longer built with libcurl by default
ZBX-3145 fixed user macros resolving
ZBX-3215 fixed filtering by group in trigger selection popup
ZBX-3144 removed parsing of existing expression in trigger expression popup
ZBX-3207 fixed possibility to click on web items in trigger expressions
ZBX-3021 fixed possibility to create dependency between host and template triggers
ZBX-3205 fixed incorrect event duration count
ZBX-3183 fixed maintenance permission issue
ZBX-3183 added screenname GET parameter support to screens.php
ZBX-2639 added and net.if.list items in the help_items table
ZBX-1600 added support of value mapping for {ITEM.VALUE} macro in notifications
ZBX-3065 fixed undefined variables in maps.php when logged as guest and no maps defined
ZBX-3206 fixed timeout for simple checks (removed hardcoded timeout 3 sec)
ZBX-2787 it is no longer possible add invalid time for IT services, like 1:111 or 23:67 or 4:66 and so on
ZBXNEXT-557 added TL compatibility information when executed AIX agent with --version flag
ZBX-3195 fixed slow sync of trends data while server shutdown
ZBXNEXT-549 added trigger function strlen()
ZBX-3156 fixed integer trends for child node on master; thanks to Łukasz Reszka
ZBX-3040 guest users now can't edit trigger comments
ZBX-3123 fixed Oracle SQL errors in processing of IT services
ZBXNEXT-205, ZBXNEXT-355 added support of user macros in community, OID, security name and passphrases fields of SNMP items
ZBXNEXT-357 added support of user macros in parameters field of database item; thanks to Kirill Fateev
ZBX-3179 fixed memory leaks and 100% CPU usage for proxy with SQLite3
ZBXNEXT-538 include ibm_db2.sql and images_ibm_db2.sql files in distribution package
ZBX-3107 fixed graph bugs: problem with large values, problem with uptime format
ZBX-2349 unicode support for macros and web scenario steps
ZBX-3137 fixed errors related to deleting an application that is used in a web scenario
ZBXNEXT-538 added support for IBM DB2
ZBX-1362 optimized alert performance
ZBX-2852 fixed map not updating in slideshow
ZBX-1346 update example agent daemon configuration file for Windows with parameters from Zabbix manual
ZBX-2984 fixed incorrect trigger line in graphs. For line drawing was used axis from first item not trigger item
ZBX-3059 different titles for popup menu depending on data type
ZBX-2861 fixed error when adding users to usergroups
ZBX-1492 added confirmation dialog when deleting macros
ZBX-3135 add an example for using standard input in zabbix_sender manpage
ZBX-2616 bundled DejaVu font upgraded from 2.31 to 2.32
ZBX-2630 fixed ability to translate various strings in the frontend depending on their context
ZBX-3091 fixed error when updating proxy
ZBX-3120 fixed error when creating a new map
ZBX-3042 fixed submitParent field error
ZBX-1038 fixed last(), prev(), diff(), change(), and abschange() not working properly with long textual values
ZBXNEXT-532 specify timestamp format in zabbix_sender manpage and help output; hint at required item configuration in zabbix_sender manpage
ZBX-3103 updated French translation; thanks to Alixen
ZBX-3095 fixed processing of 'Host template' condition in actions
ZBX-2981 removed unnecessary queries in map permission checks
ZBX-3080 fixed javascript not cached by browsers
ZBX-2661 improved displaying discovery checks in configuration
ZBX-3086 fixed errors when edit hostgroup linkage for hosts and templates
ZBX-3025 resurrected unreachable pollers and StartPollersUnreachable configuration parameter
ZBX-2351 fixed server trying to insert duplicate eventids into the database
ZBX-3069 renamed monitoring graphs combobox "All" entry to "not selected"
ZBX-2872 greatly improved API methods consistency
ZBX-3070 fixed event date format inconsistency
ZBX-3068 fixed possible crash of server while processing passive proxies
ZBX-3068 fixed server memory leak while processing passive proxies
ZBX-2749 fixed length parameter being ignored for[]
ZBX-2749 fixed agent crash in[] on very long matched fragments
ZBX-2913 fixed agent becoming unresponsive due to* checks
ZBXNEXT-430 added support of net.tcp.listen and net.udp.listen under Linux
ZBX-453 fixed --disable-static enabling static compilation
ZBX-2992 acknowledges are now hidden in event details when turned off
ZBX-3050 fixed that host can be named like an existing template and otherwise
ZBX-3019 fixed templated graphs not being copied to discovered hosts in DM setup; thanks to Alexander Ignatyev
ZBX-2860 fixed usergroup renaming
ZBX-3027 avg, delta, max, min, sum functions in popup_trexpr.php have a time shift input, so that this parameter now can be specified through GUI
ZBX-2827 added checks when adding or updating maintenances, so that duplicate names could not be added
ZBX-2978 fixed graphs import with Y axis set to an item
ZBX-2507 minimal graph dimension size is set to 20 pixels
ZBX-2665 web scenario steps on graphs now are in correct order
ZBX-2995 fixed crash in zbx_mem_realloc(), reduced memory usage and memory fragmentation in configuration cache
ZBX-3024 in trigger expression selection popup, expressions are now filtered, depending on item type
ZBX-3023 fixed repeated notifications after maintenance period
ZBX-3017 fixed error when try to add dependency to template trigger that is linked to a host
ZBX-3008 fixed server generating multiple unknown events for triggers with multiple items
ZBX-3011 passwords are no longer shown in HTML when editing media types
ZBXNEXT-510 sending of SMS messages through Ez Texting is now integrated into Zabbix
ZBX-1425 option ALL is added to host group dropdown when adding or editing host group
ZBX-1675 fixed map element coordinates do not update after the element has been dragged
ZBX-1292 item names are now prefixed with host names, if they are from different hosts in trigger description popup
ZBX-2844 added HTML escaping of screen names in combox box output in monitoring
ZBXNEXT-373 added support for NTLM authentication to Web monitoring
ZBX-1486 when multiple map elements are selected, pressing "Remove" in editing form removes all selected elements
ZBX-1442 when linking objects during map editing, link "apply" does not close the form any more
ZBX-2986 acknowledges now are hidden in last 20 issue popup when turned off
ZBX-2988 fixed {ITEM.VALUE} macro in Monitoring/Events screen
ZBX-2974 fixed possibility to delete templated applications
ZBX-1172 added sorting for audit resource dropdown
ZBX-2982 added IP and port of Zabbix server in dashboard widget "Status of Zabbix"
ZBX-2964 fixed processes failing to start when no IPv6 is available on the system
ZBX-2977 fixed removing unused records in node_cksum table; thanks to Łukasz Reszka
ZBX-2946 fixed building from FreeBSD ports with libexecinfo installed; thanks to Dmitry Yakovlev
ZBX-2957 changed mime type for downloadable locale file
ZBX-2493 fixed obsolete macro used by default; start using different subject and message for default action messages
ZBX-2976 fixed server crash when processing zabbix[items_unsupported] under DebugLevel=4
ZBX-2950 added popup menus for map elements
ZBX-2967 added filter for hosts configuration screen
ZBX-2962 fixed template macro update
ZBX-2572 added configuration define for zapcat compatibility mode
ZBX-2690 added validation for screens XML
ZBX-2942 increased minimum interval for ICMP pings to 20 ms; thanks to nelsonab
ZBX-2945 email sender now knows how to handle multiline responses from SMTP servers
ZBXNEXT-360 zabbix_sender now allows "-" for default hostname in input files; thanks to Dennis Jacobfeuerborn
ZBX-1908 fixed file and socket descriptors leaking to child processes; thanks to Dan Horak
ZBX-2960 split agentd userparameters out using includable files, add more MySQL examples
ZBXNEXT-458 user macros (e.g., {$MACRO}) can now be used in item and trigger descriptions
ZBX-2959 fixed trailing whitespace & missing trailing newline in downloaded translations
ZBX-2910 fixed 'strerror_from_system undefined' compilation warning on Windows; thanks to Takanori Suzuki
ZBX-2902 fixed system.cpu.load[] and system.cpu.util[] being slightly exaggerated on Windows; thanks to Kodai Terashima
ZBX-2954 fixed translations in template delete popups
ZBX-2938 fixed not showing problems on map for hosts in maintenance
ZBXNEXT-238 made zabbix_sender gather as much data as possible before sending
ZBX-2948 fixed export of trigger dependencies
ZBX-2949 fixed Templates screen Go action 'Delete'
ZBX-2934 added new conf. constants for roundoff configuration
ZBX-2907 fixed errors when action condition has trigger from another node
ZBX-2928 fixed "triggers info" unknown counter, added not classified triggers count
ZBX-2914 Gentoo initscript cleanup
ZBX-2914 fixed incorrect references in Fedora initscripts
ZBX-2925 empty values for translations won't be written to resulting file
ZBX-2933 fixed js error in IE when Print button pressed
ZBX-2937 fixed missing style files for IE
ZBX-2864 fixed print button creating multiple sid url parameters
ZBX-2899 fixed slideshow delays broken after upgrade from 1.8.2
ZBX-2923 fixed triggers that depend on problem trigger are shown as problem on map
ZBX-2683 minor updates for the Latvian translation
ZBX-2916 fixed duplicate parent map links in monitoring maps
ZBX-2905 fixed single trigger name expanding, unknown problem count and duplicate elements count in network maps
ZBX-2914 unified pidfile path in example Debian initscripts with example config files
ZBX-886 removed duplicate locale string S_ACTIONS_BIG
ZBX-633 fixed server crash on disconnected IPMI devices
ZBX-2904 fixed some unknown triggers not shown in status of triggers screen
ZBX-2900 added spaces to "From:" and "To:" email headers
ZBX-2894 fixed multiple references on same line in map labels
ZBX-2888 fixed host profiles export
ZBX-2890 fixed parsing of negative values in trigger expressions
ZBX-2798 added more checks for unknown nodes to communication between nodes
ZBX-2716 make all example initscripts point to sbin for daemon path

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