Notas de Lançamento para o Zabbix 4.2.2

A Equipe Zabbix tem o prazer de anunciar a disponibilidade do Zabbix 4.2.2.

O Zabbix é uma solução de monitoramento distribuído empresarial de código aberto. O Zabbix é distribuído sob a GPL, portanto, é gratuito para uso comercial e não comercial. A licença completa está disponível em

Este documento contém as notas de lançamento do Zabbix 4.2.2. Para efetuar o download clique aqui.

As seções a seguir descrevem o lançamento em detalhes e fornecem as informações mais recentes ou outras informações que complementam a documentação principal.

New Features and Improvements

ZBX-16069 Upgraded jQuery version v1.10.2 -> v3.3.1 and jQueryUI v1.10.3 -> v1.12.1

Correções de bugs

ZBX-16032 Changed application filtering to partial name search
ZBX-15915 Fixed linking error if round() is undefined
ZBX-16074 Added file revision number generation for compilation on MS Windows
ZBX-15833 Fixed scrollbar in overlay popups
ZBX-16058 Fixed error in IPMI poller causing growing queue
ZBX-16047 Fixed division by zero error in SVG graph widget if selected time period is so small that calculated step between 2 milestones is 0s
ZBX-15936 Removed "change password" button when cloning media types
ZBX-11272 Changed sorting by type, fixed information disclosure and formatting of recipient name in action log screen item and dashboard widget; added new sortfields to alert API
ZBX-15416 Fixed locale validation in user create and update API methods
ZBX-15877 Fixed Tab Key navigation for Safari and Edge browsers
ZBX-15891 Fixed trigger dependencies are ignored when changing only trigger state
ZBX-13029 Fixed api validation messages for linktrigger
ZBX-15967 Fixed buffer offset for reading hardware info from long DMI files
ZBX-16018 Fixed detection of logical functions (or / and) inside the context of user macros
ZBX-14782 Deliver human friendly uptime in dashbord
ZBX-11325 Fixed transparency of draggable interfaces; changed cursor type for all draggable and sortable elements
ZBX-16048 Fixed global search box loosing the search phrase after searching
ZBX-15101 Fixed several object IDs allowing them to be 64 bit integers, added asterisk for map navigation tree name field and changed the error message to more generic one
ZBX-15933 Added state preservation eol
ZBX-10729 Fixed map element link coloring when linked problem is acknowledged
ZBX-16050 Fixed HTTP poller crashes
ZBX-16007 Fixed trigger list checkboxes when filtering by single host
ZBX-15871 Fixed problem events to be filtered by "suppressed" instead of "related to maintenance"
ZBX-16011 Made "Test all steps" button be available only when at least 2 preprocessing steps are created
ZBX-10550 Added warnings when Zabbix components have different versions
ZBX-11284 Removed sid URL argument for form cancel buttons
ZBX-11429 Fixed macro not being retained in trigger expression editing wizard
ZBX-15816 Increased header value input field max length
ZBX-16036 Fixed items being stuck in unsupported state under some conditions when "Discard unchanged" preprocessing step is used
ZBX-15677 Fixed the process of compiling the dummy.c module
ZBX-15981 Fixed invalid xpath for vmware "eventlog" key with "skip" option
ZBX-15704 Fixed sending log meta information without obvious needs
ZBX-15905 Added versioning of browser cached files
ZBX-15956 Reduced configuration cache fragmentation when reloading time based triggers
ZBX-15998 Improved performance of "Remove host", "Remove from host group", "Unlink from template" operations when processing network discovery events and using MySQL database
ZBX-15959 Fixed when undefined index: rows_per_page on Global search screen
ZBX-15935 Fixed infinite loop and 100% CPU usage when using OpenIPMI 2.0.26 or newer
ZBX-16005 Fixed "{{ITEM.VALUE}.regsub(<pattern>,<output>}" and "{{ITEM.LASTVALUE}.regsub(<pattern>,<output>}" being resolved to *UNKNOWN* during upgrade

Notas de instalação e atualização


Veja Manual do Zabbix para maiores detalhes.


Veja Procedimento de atualização for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 4.2.2.

Suporte comercial

A empresa Zabbix fornece uma completa Serviços profissionais. Também fornecemos sem problemas Serviço de atualização para uma migração fácil de versões anteriores do Zabbix. Por favor Contato de vendas para preços e mais detalhes.


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