Notas de Lançamento para o Zabbix 6.0.4rc1

A Equipe Zabbix tem o prazer de anunciar a disponibilidade do Zabbix 6.0.4rc1.

O Zabbix é uma solução de monitoramento distribuído empresarial de código aberto. O Zabbix é distribuído sob a GPL, portanto, é gratuito para uso comercial e não comercial. A licença completa está disponível em

Este documento contém as notas de lançamento do Zabbix 6.0.4rc1. Para efetuar o download clique aqui.

As seções a seguir descrevem o lançamento em detalhes e fornecem as informações mais recentes ou outras informações que complementam a documentação principal.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-7120 Added support of OpenSSL 3.0
ZBXNEXT-7611 Fixed silenced errors not silenced in zbx_err_handler running PHP 8
ZBXNEXT-7610 Refactored in PHP 8 deprecated function strtime()
ZBXNEXT-7506 Fixed uuids in proxmox template
ZBXNEXT-7562 Added en_GB locale
ZBXNEXT-7582 Moved threshold information from trigger name to the event name
ZBXNEXT-7525 Fixed inconsistent trigger links in Configuration -> Items
ZBXNEXT-7564 Fixed media type importing in PHP 8
ZBXNEXT-5580 Added macros and fixed filesystem utilization triggers for Windows, Linux and some other templates
ZBXNEXT-7477 Updated MySQL database error handling for PHP 8
ZBXNEXT-7506 Added Proxmox Virtual Environment template
ZBXNEXT-7472 Added support of text data for top hosts widget
ZBXNEXT-7505 Added new GLPi media type
ZBXNEXT-7559 Updated smart.disk.discovery and smart.disk.get metrics for Zabbix agent 2 and updated S.M.A.R.T passive and active templates
ZBXNEXT-7507 Added TrueNAS template

Correções de bugs

ZBX-20951 Fixed dependent item discovery validation in LLD
ZBX-20783 Fixed Zabbix agent2 not to fail when global regular expression is received with empty delimiter
ZBXNEXT-7616 Fixed javascript md5 and sha256 functions to support binary data (including terminating zero character)
ZBX-20299 Fixed not detecting user macros by "Test item" dialog if they are used in the calculated item formula
ZBX-20678 Fixed focusing and keyboard functionality for host in Geomap widget
ZBX-20782 Fixed non unique ids browser console errors when executing Mass update action
ZBX-20458 Fixed incorrect view of disabled range slider in Firefox
ZBX-20545 Fixed trend storage period field wrong appearance when item type of information is character/text/log
ZBX-20844 Fixed external check becoming unsupported when Zabbix server or Zabbix proxy is stopped
ZBX-20658 Fixed missing CR (carriage return) characters in line endings, in popup forms
ZBX-20821 Fixed required PHP version in setup wizard
ZBX-20754 Fixed Zabbix sender and Zabbix JS not releasing semaphores upon exit
ZBX-20538 Changed PostgreSQL plugin to handle connection per user and not per database for Zabbix agent 2
ZBX-20567 Improved preprocessor queue performance with items taking long time to preprocess
ZBX-20398 Added mitigation for PID file not being created on time
ZBX-19638 Fixed incorrect host name in graph prototype widget when graph have items from separate hosts
ZBX-20595 Fixed server discovering dependent item with prototype as master item if prototype discovery was disabled with LLD overrides
ZBX-18522 Updated Readme for RabbitMQ templates
ZBX-20794 Fixed unavailable node status update at server startup

Notas de instalação e atualização


Veja Manual do Zabbix para maiores detalhes.


Veja Procedimento de atualização for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 6.0.4.

Suporte comercial

A empresa Zabbix fornece uma completa Serviços profissionais. Também fornecemos sem problemas Serviço de atualização para uma migração fácil de versões anteriores do Zabbix. Por favor Contato de vendas para preços e mais detalhes.


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