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18 Upgrade notes for 6.4.8

Breaking changes

Agent 2 plugins

The correct master host is now returned if specified in the mysql.replication.get_slave_status[connString,<username>,<password>,<masterHost>] item "masterHost" parameter. Previously the "masterHost" parameter was ignored and always the first master host was returned.

If this parameter is not specified, all hosts are returned.

MySQL plugin parameters

The following MySQL plugin parameters are no longer mandatory if Plugins.Mysql.Sessions.<SessionName>.TLSConnect is set to verify_ca or verify_full:

  • Plugins.Mysql.Sessions.<SessionName>.TLSCertFile
  • Plugins.Mysql.Sessions.<SessionName>.TLSKeyFile

PostgreSQL-TimescaleDB combination no longer checked

Zabbix no longer checks for the supported PostgreSQL-TimescaleDB combination. As before, Zabbix does check for the supported PostgreSQL version or TimescaleDB version separately.