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This section allows to view and configure SLAs.


A list of the configured SLAs is displayed. Note that only the SLAs related to services accessible to the user will be displayed (as read-only, unless Manage SLA is enabled for the user role).

Displayed data:

Parameter Description
Name The SLA name is displayed.
The name is a link to SLA configuration.
SLO The service level objective (SLO) is displayed.
Effective date The date of starting SLA calculation is displayed.
Reporting period The period used in the SLA report is displayed - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.
Time zone The SLA time zone is displayed.
Schedule The SLA schedule is displayed - 24x7 or custom.
SLA report Click on the link to see the SLA report for this SLA.
Status The SLA status is displayed - enabled or disabled.