1 PostgreSQL plugin dependencies


The required libraries for the PostgreSQL loadable plugin are listed in this page.

Go libraries

Requirement Mandatory status Minimum version Description
git.zabbix.com/ap/plugin-support Yes 1.X.X Zabbix own support library. Mostly for plugins.
github.com/jackc/pgx/v4 4.17.2 PostgreSQL driver.
github.com/omeid/go-yarn 0.0.1 Embeddable filesystem mapped key-string store.
github.com/jackc/chunkreader Indirect1 2.0.1
github.com/jackc/pgconn 1.13.0
github.com/jackc/pgio 1.0.0
github.com/jackc/pgpassfile 1.0.0
github.com/jackc/pgproto3 2.3.1
github.com/jackc/pgservicefile 0.0.0
github.com/jackc/pgtype 1.12.0
github.com/jackc/puddle 1.3.0
github.com/Microsoft/go-winio 0.6.0 Required package for PostgreSQL plugin on Windows.
golang.org/x/crypto 0.0.0
golang.org/x/sys 0.0.0
golang.org/x/text 0.3.7

1 "Indirect" means that it is used in one of the libraries that the agent uses. It's required since Zabbix uses the library that uses the package.