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7 Definitions


While many things in the frontend can be configured using the frontend itself, some customizations are currently only possible by editing a definitions file.

This file is located in /include of the Zabbix HTML document directory.


Parameters in this file that could be of interest to users:


Minimum graph period, in seconds. One minute by default.


Default location of Y axis in simple graphs and default value for drop down box when adding items to custom graphs. Possible values: 0 - left, 1 - right.

Default: 0

  • ZBX_SESSION_NAME (available since 4.0.0)

String used as the name of the Zabbix frontend session cookie.

Default: zbx_sessionid

  • ZBX_DATA_CACHE_TTL (available since 5.2.0)

TTL timeout in seconds used to invalidate data cache of Vault response. Set 0 to disable Vault response caching.

Default: 60

  • SUBFILTER_VALUES_PER_GROUP (available since 6.0.5)

Number of subfilter values per group (For example, in the latest data subfilter).

Default: 1000