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6 Zabbix Sender (UNIX)

Zabbix UNIX Senderは、パフォーマンスデータをZabbixサーバの処理に送信できるコマンドラインユーティリティです。


Zabbix Senderを起動するには、以下のコマンドを実行します:

shell> cd bin
       shell> ./zabbix_sender -z zabbix -s LinuxDB3 -k db.connections -o 43

Starting with Zabbix 1.8.4, zabbix_sender has been improved in realtime sending scenarios by gathering multiple values that are passed to it in close succession, and sending them to the server in single connection. Value that is not further apart from previous value than 0.2 seconds can be put in the same stack, but maximum pooling time still is 1 second.

If sending many values from an input file, Zabbix sender will batch them at 250 values in one go (all values will be processed), for example:

# zabbix_sender -z -i /tmp/traptest.txt 
       Info from server: "Processed 250 Failed 0 Total 250 Seconds spent 0.002668"
       Info from server: "Processed 50 Failed 0 Total 50 Seconds spent 0.000540"
       sent: 300; skipped: 0; total: 300

All entries from an input file are sent in a sequential order top-down.

If the target item has triggers referencing it, all timestamps in an input file must be in an increasing order, otherwise event calculation will not be correct.

Starting from version 1.8.6 Zabbix Sender will terminate if invalid (not following parameter=value notation) parameter entry is present in specified configuration file.

詳細はZabbix Sender manpageを参照してください。