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21 Upgrade notes for 6.4.11

Package size handling for system.sw.packages.get item

When monitoring the system.sw.packages.get item using Zabbix agent 2, if the returned package data lacks information about the package size, the size value is now automatically set to 0.

Consistency introduced in sha256 checksums of vfs.file.cksum item

In earlier Zabbix versions, the Zabbix agent item vfs.file.cksum produced different sha256 sums for the same file depending on the platform (processor architecture) – sha256 sums on AIX, HP-UX (Itanium) and Solaris (SPARC) differed from those produced on Intel x86-64 platforms.

The issue has now been fixed; however, after upgrading, monitoring sha256 sums of files on AIX, HP-UX, or Solaris SPARC may result in false positives of files having been modified.