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1 Ceph plugin


This section lists parameters supported in the Ceph Zabbix agent 2 plugin configuration file (ceph.conf). Note that:

  • The default values reflect process defaults, not the values in the shipped configuration files;
  • Zabbix supports configuration files only in UTF-8 encoding without BOM;
  • Comments starting with "#" are only supported at the beginning of the line.


Parameter Mandatory Range Default Description
Plugins.Ceph.InsecureSkipVerify no false / true false Determines whether an http client should verify the server's certificate chain and host name.
If true, TLS accepts any certificate presented by the server and any host name in that certificate. In this mode, TLS is susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks (should be used only for testing).
Plugins.Ceph.KeepAlive no 60-900 300 The maximum time of waiting (in seconds) before unused plugin connections are closed.
Plugins.Ceph.Sessions.<SessionName>.ApiKey no Named session API key.
<SessionName> - name of a session for using in item keys.
Plugins.Ceph.Sessions.<SessionName>.User no Named session username.
<SessionName> - name of a session for using in item keys.
Plugins.Ceph.Sessions.<SessionName>.Uri no https://localhost:8003 Connection string of a named session.
<SessionName> - name of a session for using in item keys.

Should not include embedded credentials (they will be ignored).
Must match the URI format.
Only https scheme is supported; a scheme can be omitted (since version 5.2.3).
A port can be omitted (default=8003).
Plugins.Ceph.Timeout no 1-30 global timeout Request execution timeout (how long to wait for a request to complete before shutting it down).

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