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8 JS


zabbix_js is a command line utility that can be used for embedded script testing.

This utility will execute a user script with a string parameter and print the result. Scripts are executed using the embedded Zabbix scripting engine.

In case of compilation or execution errors zabbix_js will print the error in stderr and exit with code 1.


zabbix_js -s script-file -p input-param [-l log-level] [-t timeout]
       zabbix_js -s script-file -i input-file [-l log-level] [-t timeout]
       zabbix_js -h
       zabbix_js -V

zabbix_js accepts the following command line parameters:

  -s, --script script-file          Specify the file name of the script to execute. If '-' is specified as file name, the script will be read from stdin.
         -i, --input input-file            Specify the file name of the input parameter. If '-' is specified as file name, the input will be read from stdin.
         -p, --param input-param           Specify the input parameter.
         -l, --loglevel log-level          Specify the log level.
         -t, --timeout timeout             Specify the timeout in seconds.
         -h, --help                        Display help information.
         -V, --version                     Display the version number.


zabbix_js -s script-file.js -p example