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Class containing methods for operations with Maps.

Methods Description
get() Get map details
exists() Check if map exists
create() Create maps
update() Update map details
delete() Delete maps

Object details

The table contains complete list of Map attributes.


Parameter Type Description Details
sysmapid integer Map ID
name string Name
width integer Width
height integer Height
backgroundid integer Background image ID
label_type integer Icon label type Label, Element Name, IP, Status only
label_location integer Icon label location Top, Bottom, Right, Left
highlight integer Icon highlight
expandproblem integer Expanding single problem
markelements integer Extended icon highlighting in case of status changes
show_unack integer Unacknowledged problem viewing All problems, Separate, Only unacknowledged

Map item

Parameter Type Description Details
selementid integer Map element ID
sysmapid integer Map ID
elementid integer Resource ID
elementtype integer Resource type 0 - host, 1 - map, 2 - trigger, 3 - host group, 4 - image
iconid_off integer OK status icon ID
iconid_on integer PROBLEM status icon ID
iconid_unknown integer UNKNOWN status icon ID
iconid_disabled integer Disabled status icon ID
iconid_maintenance integer Maintenance status icon ID
label integer Description
label_location integer Description location
x integer X axis position
y integer Y axis position
url integer Page to open on element click
Parameter Type Description Details
linkid integer Map link ID
sysmapid integer Map ID
selementid1 integer First linked map element ID
selementid2 integer Second linked map element ID
drawtype integer Link draw type Line, Bold line, Dot, Dashed line
color string Link default color Hex presentation
label string Link description
Parameter Type Description Details
linktriggerid integer Map link Indicator ID
linkid integer Map link ID
triggerid integer Trigger ID
drawtype integer Draw type Line, Bold line, Dot, Dashed line
color string Color Hex presentation

Common tasks

The table contains list of common map-related tasks and possible implementation using Zabbix API

Add a map Use method map.create
Add a bunch of new maps Use method map.create with array of Map objects
Remove map by Map IDs Use method map.delete array of Map IDs
Retrieve map details by Map IDs Use method map.get with parameter sysmapids
Retrieve map details by Map name Use method map.get with parameter filter, specify "name":"<your map>"