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2 Sound in browsers

Sounds in web browsers for Zabbix frontend have been tested in the following browser versions and no additional configuration was required:

  • Firefox 3.5.16 on Linux
  • Opera 11.01 on Linux
  • Google Chrome 9.0 on Windows
  • Firefox 3.5.16 on Windows
  • IE7 browser on Windows
  • Opera v11.01 on Windows
  • Chrome v9.0 on Windows
  • Safari v5.0 on Windows, but this browser requires Quick Time Player to be installed

For playing sounds in Zabbix in the user's profile "GUI Messaging" should be enabled for all trigger severities and in the GUI global notification pop-up window sounds also should be enabled.

2.1 Safari 5.0

Quick Time Player is required.

2.2 Microsoft Internet Explorer

To play sounds in MSIE7 and MSIE8:

  • In Tools → Internet Options → Advanced enable Play sounds in webpages
  • In Tools → Manage Add-ons... enable Windows Media Player
  • In Windows Media Player in Tools→Options→File Types enable Windows audio file (wav)

In Windows Media Player in Tools→Options tab "File Types" is available only if user is a member of groups "Power Users" or "Administrators", i.e. regular User do not have access to this tab and do not see it.

Additional thing - if IE do not have some *.wav file in the local cache directory (%userprofile%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files) then sound will not play the first time.

2.3 Firefox v 3.5.16

For playing wav files in the Firefox browser can use one of the following applications: Windows Media Player or Quick Time plug-in. These configuration settings should be performed in the Tools→Options→Applications menu, there are settings for the "Wave sound (audio/wav)" -you should set Windows Media Player for playing these files.

2.4 Known not to work

Browsers where the sound did not work:

  • Opera 10.11 on Linux.