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7 Zabbix Get (UNIX)

Zabbix get is a process which communicates with Zabbix agent and retrieves required information.

The utility is usually used for troubleshooting of Zabbix agents.

Zabbix get can be started by executing:

shell> cd bin
       shell> ./zabbix_get -s -p 10050 -k "system.cpu.load[all,avg1]"

Zabbix get accepts the following command line parameters:

  -s --host <host name or IP>      Specify host name or IP address of a host.
         -p --port <port number>          Specify port number of agent running on the host. Default is 10050.
         -I --source-address <IP address> Specify source IP address.
         -k --key <item key>              Specify key of item to retrieve value for.
         -h --help                        Give this help.
         -V --version                     Display version number.

In order to get this help run:

shell> zabbix_get --help