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2 Overview

Currently two main categories of configuration are supported for export - hosts and their associated data, and network maps.

2.1 Host import/export

Zabbix host import/export processes the following data:

  • Hosts and their linkage to templates;
  • Templates;
  • Applications;
  • Items;
  • Triggers;
  • Custom graphs;
  • User macros.

2.2 Map import/export

Zabbix map import/export supports the following elements since version 1.8.2:

  • Full map configuration;
  • All map elements, including images, triggers, hosts, host groups and maps;
  • All connectors with associated data, including labels and status indicators.

Additionally, since 1.8.3 used images (icons and background images) are exported as well.

2.3 Screen import/export

Zabbix screen import/export supports all screen elements.