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This function allows you to create a user as defined by the user data array. Available only to super admins.


Parameter Type Optional Description Details
user data array or object No Array of user objects or a single object userid shouldn't be specified
usrgrps array No User groups to add user to.
user_medias array No Create user media for user.


Parameter Description
result Operation successful. Result will contain an array of created user IDs. userid is assigned to each user object.
error In case of any errors.


Create new user and add it to 3 user groups. Password "zabbix" will automatically be encoded by MD5 hash function.

               "name":"Internal login"
               "name":"API access"
               "name":"Debug group"
           "alias":"Test User",
           "name":"Test User Name",
           "surname":"Test User Surname",

User added successfully:

          "userids": ["107819"]

User already exists:

             "message":"Invalid params.",
             "data":"[ CUser::create ] User [ Admin ] already exists"