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9 What's new in Zabbix 1.8.5

9.1 Frontend improvements

9.1.1 Network map improvements

Network maps can now be referenced on the frontend not only by id, but also by name, just like screens in 1.8.4. Adding GET parameter mapname will open the map with that name, for example:


If both sysmapid (network map ID) and mapname are specified, mapname has higher priority.

If mapname parameter is used, selected network map won't be saved in user profile - that is, revisiting map section later will retrieve previously chosen map, not the one referenced by name.

9.1.2 Removed Zapcat compatibility switch

Zapcat compatibility switch, added in 1.8.4, has been removed. Instead, expression parser has been reworked to accept Zapcat syntax by default.

9.1.3 Reordered configuration menu

Sequence of configuration menu entries Discovery and IT services was changed to match the one in monitoring section.

9.1.4 Added translations

  • Slovak

9.1.5 Updated translations

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Latvian
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

9.2 Zabbix daemon improvements

9.2.1 Zabbix agent improvements Improved performance

Zabbix agent performance has been improved, especially on systems with many cores. Unified internal process startup messages

Zabbix agent now prints internal process types upon startup just like the server does. Example Zabbix agent daemon startup log:

 943:20110224:111750.848 agent #0 started [collector]
        943:20110224:111750.848 agent #1 started [listener]
        943:20110224:111750.850 agent #2 started [listener]
        943:20110224:111750.851 agent #3 started [listener]
        943:20110224:111750.851 agent #4 started [active checks]

9.2.2 New items supported

New internal item was added to monitor Zabbix process state. Item zabbix[process,<type>,<mode>,<state>] allows to monitor busy or idle percentage of different Zabbix server processes over the last minute.

It is now possible to determine how much each of Zabbix server internal processes spent in a busy state. This should help with evaluating performance, estimating how many poller processes to use and other Zabbix finetuning tasks.

9.2.3 Process limits changed

Zabbix daemon internal process limits have been changed. These changes affect Zabbix server and proxy daemons.

Option Previous limit New limit
StartDBSyncers 64 100
StartDiscoverers 255 250
StartHTTPPollers 255 1000
StartIPMIPollers 255 1000
StartPingers 255 1000
StartPollersUnreachable 255 1000
StartPollers 255 1000
StartProxyPollers 255 250
StartTrappers 255 1000

For Zabbix agent daemon, maximum value of StartAgents has been increased from 16 to 100.

9.2.4 Listening on IPv6 and IPv4

Support for listening on all IPv4 and IPv6 addresses at the same time has been added.

9.2.5 Global regular expression support with proxies

Global (user definable) regular expression support has been added for use with Zabbix proxies.

9.3 Misc improvements

Added Ubuntu upstart configuration files.

9.3.1 New trigger functions

Several new trigger functions have been added.

  • dayofmonth returns current date
  • logeventid checks whether Event ID of the last log entry matches a regular expression