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Table of Contents

1 Overview

Zabbix provides effective and extremely flexible functionality for escalations and repeated notifications. Depending on configuration, Zabbix will automatically escalate (increase escalation step) unresolved problems and execute actions assigned to each escalation step.

Zabbix supports the following scenarios for escalations, notifications and remote commands:

  • Immediately inform users about new problems
  • Pro-active monitoring, Zabbix executes arbitrary scripts (remote commands)
  • Repeated notifications until problem is resolved
  • Delayed notifications and remote commands
  • Escalate problems to other user groups
  • Different escalation path for acknowledged and unacknowledged problems
  • Execute actions (both notifications and remote commands) if a problem exists for more than N hours (seconds, minutes, etc).
  • Recovery message to all interested parties
  • Zabbix supports unlimited number of escalation steps