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3 Integration

3.1 HP OpenView

ZABBIX can be configured to send messages to OpenView server. The following steps must be performed:

Step 1

Define new media.

The media will execute a script which will send required information to OpenView.

Step 2

Define new user.

The user has to be linked with the media.

Step 3

Configure actions.

Configure actions to send all (or selected) trigger status changes to the user.

Step 4

Write media script.

The script will have the following logic. If trigger is ON, then execute OpenView command opcmsg -id application=<application> msg_grp=<msg_grp> object=<object> msg_text=<text>. The command will return unique message ID which has to be stored somewhere, preferrably in a new table of ZABBIX database. If trigger is OFF then opcmack <message id> has to be executed with message ID retrieved from the database.

Refer to OpenView official documentation for more details about opcmsg and opcmack. The media script is not given here.