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17 Utilities

1 Start-up scripts

The scripts are used to automatically start/stop Zabbix processes during system's start-up/shutdown.

The scripts are located under directory misc/init.d.


The script is used to receive SNMP traps. The script must be used in combination with snmptrapd, which is part of package net-snmp.

Configuration guide:

  • Install snmptrapd (part of net-snmp or ucd-snmp)
  • Edit snmptrapd.conf.
    Add this line:
traphandle default /bin/bash /home/zabbix/bin/ 
       * Copy misc/snmptrap/ to ~zabbix/bin
       * Edit to configure some basic parameters
       * Add special host and trapper (type "string") item to Zabbix. See for the item's key.
       * Run snmptrapd