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Table of Contents

1 Real world configuration

Server with Zabbix 1.0 installed (RedHat Linux 8.0, kernel 2.4.18-14, MySQL/MyISAM 3.23.54a-4, Pentium IV 1.5Ghz, 256Mb, IDE) is able to collect more than 200 parameters per second from servers being monitored (assuming no network delays).

How many servers can be monitored by Zabbix on the hardware, one may ask? It depends on number of monitored parameters and how often Zabbix should acquire these parameters. Suppose, each server you monitor has ten parameters to watch for. You want to update these parameters once in 30 seconds. Doing simple calculation, we see that Zabbix is able to handle 600 servers (or 6000 checks). In case if these parameters need to be updated once in a minute, the hardware configuration will be able to handle 600x2=1200 servers. These calculations made in assumption that all monitored values are retrieved as soon as required (latency is 0). If this is not a requirement, then number of monitored servers can be increased even up to 5x-10x times.