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14 What's new in Zabbix 1.8.12

14.1 Multiple server support in active agent

Previously, Zabbix agent was able to communicate with one server or proxy in the active mode. In 1.8.12, a new parameter ServerActive has been added. If it is defined, only the hosts in this list will be used for active checks.

For each host in the list, a separate process will get list of items and process them - thus each server or proxy can send a totally different list of active checks to the agent and only get their values.

Zabbix sender does not use ServerActive parameter - it still takes the first value from Server parameter only.

See the "See also" section at the bottom of this page to read more details about these changes.

14.2 New macros

Support for macros {ITEM.ID<1-9>} and {TRIGGER.EXPRESSION} has been added in notifications and commands.

See also

  1. Differences in the Zabbix agent configuration for active and passive checks starting from version 1.8.12