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4 Network discovery rule

Network discovery rule is a rule used by Zabbix to discover hosts and services.

Parameters of network discovery rule:

Parameter Description
Name Name of the rule. For example, "Local network".
IP range Range of IP addresses for discovery. It may have the following formats:
Single IP:
Range of IP addresses:
IP mask:
supported IP masks:
/16 - /30 for IPv4 addresses
/112 - /128 for IPv6 addresses
Delay (in sec) This parameter defines how often Zabbix should execute this rule.
Checks Zabbix will use this list of checks for discovery of hosts and services.
List of supported checks: SSH, LDAP, SMTP, FTP, HTTP, POP, NNTP, IMAP, TCP, ZABBIX Agent, SNMPv1 Agent, SNMPv2 Agent, SNMPv3 Agent
Parameter Ports may be one of following:
Single port: 22
Range of ports: 22-45
List: 22-45,55,60-70
Device uniqueness criteria Uniqueness criteria may be:
IP address (no processing multiple-IP devices)
One of discovery check of the rule. Will be based either on a SNMP or Zabbix Agent check.
Status Active – the rule is active and will be execute by Zabbix server
Disabled – the rule is not active. It won't be executed.

Each IP address should be included only once, having multiple rules for a single IP address can have unexpected behaviour such as having deadlocks and/or duplicate hosts in the database. The same could happen if two hosts having the same DNS name are included in separate discovery rules.