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Available since version: 1.8
This function allows you to retrieve Screen details based on filtering options. All parameters are optional. If parameter is set in query this option counted as ON, except if parameter is equal to NULL.


Parameter Type Description Details
nodeids array Node IDs
screenids array Screen IDs
screenitemids array Screen item IDs
type integer Screen type
editable integer only with read-write permission. Ignored for SuperAdmins
filter array Optional filter by screen fields
search array Return screens by any given object field pattern
startSearch integer Search screens field pattern only in start of the field
excludeSearch integer Exclude from result, screens by given field pattern
searchWildcardsEnabled integer Search pattern in whole field using wildcards 1 - enable, 0 - disable
output string Output options Values: shorten, refer, extend
select_screenitems string Select screen items Values: shorten, refer, extend
countOutput integer Count screens, return the number of screens found
preservekeys integer Return hash instead of array Keys of hash are object IDs
sortfield string Sort by Screen field Values: screenid, name
sortorder string Sort order Values: ASC, DESC
limit integer max number of screen objects to return


Parameter Description
result Operation successful. Result will contain array of Screen objects.
error In case of any errors


Get screens details by screen name pattern "zabbix":

           "search": {"name": "zabbix"},
           "output": "extend"

Retrieved screen details:

           "name":"Zabbix server",