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5 Real life scenario

Suppose we would like to set up network discovery for local network having IP range of In our scenario we want to:

  • discover those hosts that have Zabbix Agent running
  • run discovery every 10 minutes
  • add host to monitoring if host uptime is more than 1 hour
  • remove hosts if host downtime is more than 24 hours
  • use Template_Windows for Windows hosts
  • use Template_Linux for Linux hosts
  • add Linux hosts to "Linux servers" group
  • add Windows hosts to "Windows servers" group
Step 1

Define a network discovery rule for our IP range (Configuration → Discovery → Create rule button)

Zabbix will try to discover hosts in IP range of by connecting to Zabbix Agents and getting value from system.uname key. A value received from an agent can be used to apply different actions for different operating systems. For example, link Windows servers to Template_Windows, Linux servers to Template_Linux.

The rule will be executed every 10 minutes (600 seconds).

When the rule is added, Zabbix will automatically start discovery and generation of discovery-based events for further processing.

Step 2

Define an action for adding newly-discovered Linux servers to the respective group/template. (Configuration → Actions → Create Action button)

The action will be activated if:

  • "Zabbix agent" service is "Up"
  • value of system.uname (the Zabbix Agent's key we used in rule definition) contains "Linux"
  • Uptime is more than 1 hour (3600 seconds)

The action will execute the following operations:

  • add the newly discovered host to "Linux servers" group (also add host if it wasn't added previously)
  • link host to "Template_Linux" template. Zabbix will automatically start monitoring the host using items and triggers from "Template_Linux".
Step 3

Define an action for adding newly-discovered Windows servers to the respective group/template.

Step 4

Define an action for removing lost servers.

A server will be removed if "Zabbix agent" service is "Down" for more than 24 hours (86400 seconds).