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2 Simple messages

Warning: before enabling recovery messages or escalations, make sure to add "Trigger value = PROBLEM" condition to the action, otherwise remedy events can become escalated as well.

In order to alert MySQL Administrators about any issues with MySQL applications the following configuration can be used:

Since we are not interested in sending multiple messages or escalating MySQL problems to other user groups, escalations are not enabled.

Zabbix will send a single message to MySQL Administrators and a recovery message when problem is resolved. If sending of recovery messages is not enabled, Zabbix will send only one message with information about new problem, no messages will be sent on recovery, i.e. when the problem is resolved.

Action conditions is defined so that it will be activated in case of any problem with any of MySQL applications.

Note also use of macros in the messages. Zabbix supports wide range of macros. Complete list of macros is available here: macros

Actions are defined as:

A message will be sent to all members of the group MySQL Administrators.