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Class containing methods for operations with Triggers.

Methods Description
get() Get trigger details
exists() Check if trigger exists
create() Create triggers
update() Update trigger details
delete() Delete triggers
addDependencies() Delete triggers
deleteDependencies() Delete triggers

Object details

The table contains complete list of Trigger attributes.

Parameter Type Description Details
triggerid integer Trigger ID
description string Trigger name
expression string Expression
url string Referenced URL
status integer Status
value integer State
priority integer Severity
lastchange integer Time of last state change
dep_level integer Dependency level
comments integer Description
error integer Error
templateid integer Parent trigger ID
type integer Event generation

Field values


Value Type
0 Trigger is active
1 Trigger is disabled


Value Type
0 OK


Value Type
0 Not classified
1 Information
2 Warning
3 Average
4 High
5 Disaster


Value Type
0 Normal event generation
1 Generate multiple PROBLEM events

Common tasks

The table contains list of common trigger-related tasks and possible implementation using Zabbix API

Add an trigger Use method trigger.create
Add a bunch of new triggers Use method trigger.create with array of Trigger objects
Enable an trigger Use method trigger.update, set "status":0
Disable an trigger Use method trigger.update, set "status":1
Retrieve trigger details by Trigger IDs Use method trigger.get with parameter triggerids
Retrieve triggers details by Host name Use method trigger.get with parameter filter, specify "host": ["<your host1>"]