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Table of Contents

2 Overview

Zabbix provides effective and reliable way of monitoring distributed IT infrastructure. Configuration of the whole distributed setup can be done from a single location via common WEB interface.

Zabbix supports up-to 1000 (one thousand) Nodes in a distributed setup. Each Node is responsible for monitoring of its own Location. Node can be configured either locally or by its Master node which has a copy of configuration data of all Child Nodes. Configuration of Child Nodes can be done in off line mode, i.e. when there are no connectivity between Master and Child Node.

Hierarchical distributed monitoring allows having tree-like structure of Nodes. Each Node reports to its Master Node only.

All Nodes may work even in case of communication problems. Historical information and events are stored locally. When communication is back, Child Nodes will optionally send the data to Master Node.

New Nodes can be attached to and detached from the Zabbix distributed setup without any loss of functionality of the setup. No restart of any Node required.

Each Node has its own configuration and works as a normal Zabbix Server.