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13 Screens and Slide Shows

Zabbix screens allow grouping of various information for quick access and display on one screen. An easy-to-use screen builder makes creating screens easy and intuitive.

A screen is a table which may contain the following elements in each cell:

  • simple graphs
  • user-defined graphs
  • maps
  • other screens
  • plain text information
  • server information (overview)
  • trigger information (overview)
  • data overview
  • clock
  • history of events
  • history of actions
  • URL (data taken from other location)

The number of elements per screen is unlimited.

You can configure screens in Configuration → Screens and view them in Monitoring → Screens as well as include your favourite screens in the favourites section of Monitoring → Dashboard.

If graph height is set as less than 120 pixels, no trigger will be displayed in the legend.

A slide show is a series of screens, which will be automatically rotated according to configured update intervals.

You can configure slide shows in Configuration → Slides.

PARAMETER Description
Name Name of slide show.
Update interval (in sec) This parameter defines the default interval between screen rotation, in seconds.
Slides List of individual slides (screens)
Screen Screen name
Delay How long the screen will be displayed, in seconds. If set to 0, Update Interval of the slide show will be used.
Example 1

Slide show "Zabbix administrators"

The slide show consists of two screens which will be displayed in the following order:

Zabbix Server ⇒ Pause 60 seconds ⇒ Zabbix Server2 ⇒ Pause 30 seconds ⇒ Zabbix Server ⇒ Pause 60 seconds ⇒ Zabbix Server2 ⇒ ...